Naloxone (PA Department of Health) – Includes information about naloxone as well as links to standing order prescriptions for naloxone signed by Secretary of … NARCAN® Nasal Spray may be ordered by the case, each case contains 12 cartons. You can find a .pdf of this document at PA Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine’s Public Standing order for Naloxone Administration and access. Standing Order: Yes Pharmacy Access Notes: Law allows trained community health organizations (with a standing order from a physician) or healthcare providers including trained pharmacists to dispense to anyone at risk or in a position to help someone at risk without a prescription. One carton contains two, 4mg doses Carton dimensions 2.5" length x 3" width x 3.75" height Additional information available on Narcan… Pennsylvania's Physician General has written standing orders for the general public to be able to obtain naloxone without a prescription from their doctor. 1 Opioid overdose is more prevalent than ever and … Key Information 1. 2. Standing Order DOH XI. Naloxone Standing Order: Saving Lives Brett Healy, PharmD Candidate 2016 Temple University School of Pharmacy. If you believe, someone is experiencing an opioid overdose, Call 911! It allows anyone to fill a prescription for Narcan at any pharmacy in Pennsylvania. Anyone can access naloxone by: Getting a prescription from their doctor; or The standing order, issued by Rachel Levine, MD, Pennsylvania secretary of health, is a prescription written for the general public rather than specifically for one individual. You can print a document below and take it to your local pharmacy to obtain naloxone: • Naloxone Standing Order – For General Public • Naloxone Standing Order – For First Responders In an effort to remedy what some are calling “the worst epidemic of our time,” Governor Tom Wolf has signed a standing order for naloxone, making it possible for consumers to purchase the opioid reversal drug at pharmacies. A standing order prescription allows pharmacists in Pennsylvania to dispense naloxone without requiring an individual prescription. Remain with the person until first responders arrive. Although naloxone is a prescription medication, Pennsylvania – like many states – has passed laws making it available as a standing order.