Will-o'-the-Wisp It should be noted that, like Jellies, Young Opo-Opos are highly resistant to Charm. Mandy vs. Mandy will lead to some longer fights but with /whm help a DC mandy can take out a EM/T with little trouble. There are second tier goblins all along the path, so either fight your way there or take. Goblin Shaman 31-34. If soloing, it may take up to 10 pet swaps, although pet food may reduce the number of swaps. This document is here to try and answer that question. Hill Lizard Goblin Furrier Goblins (Tier 2 and Tier 3), Carnivorous Crawler Makara, Undead Bats Esbat This is a decent camp, but really easy to get fatal hate from Goblins or Morbol leaving you in the middle of nowhere, and there is a long run to zone to Lower Jeuno. Hornfly There are two more viable Leech/Sapling vs Murre/Imp camps on the eastern area of Caedarva. Mad Sheep Template:Tocleft Since Beastmasters can solo throughout their entire career, the question that is most often asked is "Where can I go at level X". Thread Leech You can duo here but it can be rough finishing off the mobs. I'll write a guide when I am done and document when it starts to slow down. Snipper Steppe Hare (7-10) Goblins (Tier 4), Stream Sahagin Be careful using a WHM subjob during weather effects - elementals spawn and travel across almost the entire map. Go through the "cracked wall" in (G-8) and then on the new map go to (I-9). Just watch for Ogrefly links and don't play with the Lizzies until 44-45. Last visit was: Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:08 am: It is currently Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:08 am Camp near the lake in the northwest. Marine Dhalmel Quadav (Tier 3). One Clipper can take on two worms. Huge Wasp Goblin Alchemist [65-68] Witch Hazel(50+) 2. Bog Sahagin. Save even match pets for bombs if possible. Goblin's Bat 24-26 With Karakul you will need to swap once per fight, so it is best to engage with your second pet only to avoid high levels of hate on the swap. Camp along the secret beach (B-7). You may have to use a Gadfly or a jug pet to pull your desired pet to a safer area to charm, as everything but snippers and gadflies are aggressive to sound. The sheep of course have their AoE sleep, so be careful with your enmity. Goblin's Bee Coastal Sahagin Caveberries do link on sound, but two of the pets you can use have natural plantoid Killer. Blazer Beetle(52+), Labyrinth Lizard It is also possible to use this as a casual experience spot until at least level 58 using page 1 of the Field Manual outside of Rabao. Main focus is goblins. Pets are very capable of one petting the mobs given your two pennies, and though I have not had a single issue yet, if things get messy, run behind your pets at (E-8) and theres another cave that zones into Fort Karugo-Narugo S. ALSO, this camp appears to be undiscovered, as even alla does not have the scorpions level range listed. Death Jacket, Sabertooth Tiger (29-32) You'll just run around killing things outside of your nation. Sorry, havent played the game in 5 years but I remember that being the best lvl 75 cap dagger besides relic. Hognosed Bat Only thing to watch for is the amount of burst dmg worms can do. Goblin's Bee Hello fellow aspiring Thieves!! There are various groups of 3-4 Lynx that are close to each other. Mandragora make great pets at any level. Leeches will last alot longer against most of the mobs within the surround area. Orcs (Tier 1) None of your pets aggro, but they do link, so have fun levelling off the gobbies and wildlife. It is advisable to let your pet fight as you keep your distance. At night the Ladybugs are weaker and seem to use Nepenthean Hum less often and make for easy xp. If you try to charm while paralyzed you may very well find yourself with two angry mobs to fight! Canyon Rarab (7-10) Snipper Huge Spider BST68/NIN34 was killing VT's without any pet swaps involved, ONLY if you help your pet and melee, I wasnt engaging till Colibri was down to below 90%, then I never got hate, saved Weaponskill (Rampage) until below 20%. Always have a instant warp scroll or teleport capabilities handy in this place. Exp pts can make these camps a tough fight for pets/prey. Goblin's Leech, Cockatrice Goblin Reaper, Labyrinth Leech Goblin Reaper. At levels 69-70 Wild Karakul should be your primary pets. Can be a difficult spot (close quarters, all mobs agro/link and a longish run to the zone). Pygmaioi Spinous Pugil (29-31) Note: Werebats do not link just aggro. Marsh Murre [64-66], West Nashmau exit. Bats are very easily charmed, even as T. They also don't last very long against the bombs. Antican Signifer No chigoe from the zoneline to the start of the cemetery area. Goblins (Tier 3) Caterchipillar 29-31 Pygmaioi (7-11) Word of caution: Silver Quadavs are thief mobs, and may take 2 or 3 pet swaps due to their very high evasion; and the other quadavs are RDM, PLD, and WHM jobs and cure spamming can prolong fights. Poison Funguar Very easy exp, should be constantly chaining 3-4 with little effort. Trench Antlion Gobbies love exploding. Greater Pugil Makara Yagudo (Tier 2), Beady Beetle Happy Hunting. Clipper. Been awhile, but back playing on Nasomi once again. To get there you have to proceed up the ramps along the side of Parradamo Tor (ramps start at K-9), and just follow the path counterclockwise toward the top until you can drop off past the boulder wall into your target area. Watch out for Cactuar and Anticans that aggro by sound. If you try to fight bats vers bats you will stand a far higher chance of a link and death. Enjoy! Greater Gaylas Watch out for the few goblins and quadav since they are level 60 and up, but easy to avoid. During the day the Ladybug will aggro to sound, and will also use Nepenthean Hum which is an AoE Amesnia effect. It is not uncommon to mischarm three to seven times even with +15 CHR. I would recommend working from that spot to pull in the gobs, I have not seen anything spawn there, save for an occasional Hell Hound (if your HP is yellow, it may be close enough to seek you). Puroboros The Hell Hound has a very powerful AoE Paralyze attack that can wreck your ability to charm pets. Soldier Crawler Basic tactic is to throw wasps at the goblins until they die or blow up. Canyon Crawler Source, Delta Sahagin Labyrinth Lizard Star Bat Zu Hawker, Goblin Poacher If this isn't your first job, get an expbandand make it 10x faster. Beware of Thunder Elemental pops. Goblin Mercenary [65-68], Aht Urhgan Attercop[65-67](linking, non-aggro), Puk [68-70](sight/sound aggro, non-linking), Corse In depth: At 58, you'll be using Lynx vs Lynx. Also jellies tend to discharm when fighting a VT, and hard to re-charm again, though with both Beast Gaiters and Beast Gloves, as well as the Charm boost from the Light Staff or Apollo's Staff, it tends to work out perfectly.