Great nutrition and very safe for pregnancy. Learn More. Isagenix Shakes & Pregnancy. The Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothie is designed to complement, not replace, your prenatal vitamin intake. “Although Herbalife products are safe to be consumed by most adults, a few Herbalife products bear a warning statement indicating they are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Diet products, such as Herbalife weight management supplements and protein shakes, are not prohibited during pregnancy unless you’re using them to diet, or relying on them every day for your nutritional needs. Prenatal nutrition can be confusing. I used used it and there's lots of info and tips for pregnant and breastfeeding mommies. But these additives are often listed on the label as “herbal blends” or “proprietary blends,” meaning that the individual ingredients are not revealed. We can’t stop emphasizing the need for vegetables and fresh fruits as well as foods like beans, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and seeds. “Optimum nutrition during pregnancy is important to maintain your health and to minimise problems during pregnancy,” he added. Moreover, many smoothies tend to satisfy the pregnancy cravings, too. National Academies Press. f. farmgirl66. Not only can they be made easily and in no time, but the constituents in them are full of nutritious elements that are all needed by the mother and the growing baby. It is a wonderful idea to drink protein shakes throughout your pregnancy as long as you are sure to choose the right type. Isagenix!!! Tastes great too. If you need more info let me know. Herbalife offers an entire line … Position Paper: Nutrition and Lifestyle for a Healthy Pregnancy … Please consult your physician before adding supplements to your pregnancy diet. Summary of a January 2020 workshop when the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academies convened to explore where new evidence has emerged relevant to nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. Lack of studies in pregnancy Nutritional shakes often contain vitamins, herbs, plant derivatives and other goodies intended to boost energy, strengthen immunity or have other positive health effects. I would love to give you more information if you'd like...let me know! Herbalife While Pregnant . For a pregnant woman, smoothies might as well be one of the perfect food items to be consumed. Some protein powders contain so many vitamins and minerals they can be compared to your prenatal! Just like it is during pregnancy, what you eat while breastfeeding affects your baby’s overall nutrition. Nutrition During Pregnancy. Hence, the need to stick to healthy choices when pregnant and throughout the breastfeeding period. This article explains which supplements are believed to be safe during pregnancy and which ones you should avoid. K. KristleLucero @LauraHuvler, Hi Laura, I used Profit from It Works. Our nutritionists ensured that the vitamins and minerals in the smoothie are at a low level so there is no risk of doubling up on any pregnancy vitamins. Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation: Exploring New Evidence.