I have four 12's kicker comp cvr with a mono mephis amp 1500 watts.they hit really loud.they are in a sealed box.I had them in my caddy,I would set-off any alarm when I pass by.Now I have them in my new Malibu they sound even louder.The back seat and the front … and of course some people say the newer version is better. These woofers have been around for over 10 years and each new generation keeps getting better and better. . Kicker CompVR subs can be used for marine applications, so make some waves with these stellar subwoofers. It uses the high-temperature dual-voice coils to reproduce bass tones. KICKER CompVR CVR12 - subwoofer driver overview and full product specs on CNET. I am about to buy 2 15" Kicker CVRs. Gainesville, GA. 2,177 miles away • Edit Make offer. The affordable Kicker CVR 12-inch subwoofer has a 4-ohm dual-voice coil design. The reason I ask is I have heard some people say the older version is better than the newer version . I used to power them with an old school sony amp ( I don't remember the specs ) but the amp was stolen and I've had these in storage for many years. $250. I've decided to install these now. . Shop By Price. > 2 12" 4ohm old school kicker CVR in a su ... 2 12" 4ohm old school kicker CVR in a super bass pro box. Which ones should I buy: 1. older gray ones with the black circle in the middle that says "Kicker CVR" 2. newer ones that are white with the red emblem in the middle. Team this sub with a Kicker amp and save Take away the worry of picking the right amp to power this sub and keep it an all-Kicker package too. Gift Guide. Hi there, I have two 10+yr old kicker comp 12's that are 8 ohm. COVID-19. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. The CVRs patented Santoprene adds durability to … Chat . This Kicker bass package adds a Kicker DX500.1 mono sub amp and lets you save money in the bargain. The CompVR or CVR subwoofers are Kicker's mid-level subs and are perfect for anyone to get some big boom without spending too much money.