Use Orange Calcite to energize and cleanse the lower chakras. If you wish to use their healing properties by placing these stones on the body, the individual colors are chakra stones for various chakras, and can be used to aid healing to organs within that chakra. Concrete is used to make buildings, highways, bridges, walls, and many other structures. The orange calcite is used in controlling your emotion’s ups and downs. Depending on the variety of calcite, you may find lovely pieces of jewelry made from it, like the lovely Pink Cobaltian Calcite Pendant, shown here. Its soothing effect under the pillow at night alleviates nightmares and lunacy. Orange Calcite works especially well with the Sacral Chakra to enhance the will and remove depression. Due to its strong color, the orange calcium penetrates into us as a warning energy stone. Working with Orange Calcite can bring higher insights from the upper chakras … Orange calcite is a natural “detox” stone, which can help clear up the energy of … The purest form, clear calcite, promotes dreaming and astral travel. Grasp the orange calcite in your power hand; this is generally your dominant hand, or the hand that you use during other charging, cleansing or healing exercises. Modern construction uses calcite in the form of limestone and marble to produce cement and concrete. This particular gemstone is beneficial if you want to solve a problem from its root. Orange Calcite Crystals are a highly energizing and cleansing stone. Orange Calcite strengthens the solar plexus and thus also the self-esteem, self-confidence and the feeling expression. It also has the capacity to see the truth of all things. It assists in integrating new insights and creativity into everyday life. Orange Calcite helps integrate the spiritual realm with the physical body, enhances creativity, and is helpful when working with emotional issues. This stone removes karmic hooks and memories of old abuse held in the sacral chakra, facilitating healing on all levels. Love and Relationships. These materials are easily mixed, transported, and placed in the form of a slurry that will harden into a durable construction material. It can intensify visual images, making it useful for scrying. Orange Calcite gives us more radiance and appeal. Furthermore, the orange calcite also has a meaning and properties to enhance the possessor’s intuition. You can make a fist around the orange calcite or just leave it sitting in your palm, depending on your preference. Balancing the emotions, it removes fear and overcomes depression, dissolving problems and maximizing potential. Metaphysical Uses of Calcite: Uses of calcite vary by color.