Prehnite stone has a very earthy feel to its energies, and that helps to make it quite approachable, particularly to those who are looking into these kinds of healing practices and the overall lifestyle for the very first time. Prehnite holds you as you hold others, and reminds you that you, too, need healing and self-care. Prehnite Properties and Meaning. You can use Prehnite with Crystal Wand to improve memory by invoking the third eye chakra, or use it as a central point for meditations to help clear your mind and make it ready to receive and store new information. Epidote appears in the colour range from yellowish-green to greenish-black. .............. If circlets aren’t your style, earrings or hair clips also put prehnite in the vicinity of your third eye chakra, and will also enhance the power of your third eye chakra. Dreaming is the portal to the otherworld through which we pass the most often, so it’s hardly surprising that it is a field so strongly affected by the powers of prehnite. Your root and solar plexus chakras are also stimulated. Prehnite’s divinatory powers are based on its ability to show its users the realities of the spiritual world with the same sort of accuracy and clarity that we can see the realities of the physical world with. Are you interested in the divinatory properties of prehnite, or do you feel that its memory-enhancing and emotionally intuitive powers would be more beneficial to you? They can also help your body get better after suffering an injury or undergoing surgery. Epidote is a stone that is known to effect different people in different ways. If you aren’t getting these, then you have a problem! These stones enhance spiritual understanding as well as strengthen logical faculties. . If improving your skills in either of these two fields is of interest to you, then this stone will be worth trying. Of course, you can also go back up to the beginning. . Prehnite is a useful stone for grids as it calms the environment and brings peace and protection. then combining it with stones associated with the other chakras can help you to tackle specific issues. Beyond that, filling your household with psychic energy can cause problems, as psychic imagination becomes tied to location rather than person. . . Enter search terms about crystal meanings, colors, related chakras, spiritual healing, or life topics. Its crystalline structure gives it a glittery appearance, although it can be polished very smooth and make beautiful milky translucent jewellery. If you acquire prehnite for metaphysical purposes, I highly recommend keeping a journal or record of your experiences with it, in order to record your observations about its effects. Prehenite helps because it solidified the links of mind, body and spirit in a natural and generous way. This space is my fun place - where I share the fruits of experiences with those I serve. Using its powers of memory enhancement and psychic energizing, it can have an extremely positive effect on your life. It was named after von Prehn, who was the commander of the Dutch military forces in South Africa, and who was quick to introduce Prehnite into South Africa’s booming trade in gemstones (remember, South Africa is one of the main sources of diamonds in the modern world). While I’m a huge fan of planners and to-do lists, they really never will be able to replace the ability to actually recall things without prompting. Brings More Abundance, Prosperity & Improved Relationships. It comes in both massive and crystalline form, with color ranging from green to orange. If you are planning on scrying on a piece of prehnite, then you should charge it with the energy of water and the Moon, which are both ideal for increasing psychic power. Basic information about its properties is available, and I will be discussing that below, but there is much still to be learned! Some forms have iron in them as well, which causes a darker orange-yellow colour, but the majority are quite pale and milky, not at all see-through. This can be intense if you’re in a fragile emotional state, and just what you need if you’re ready to transcend thought patterns that have held you back. The prettiest Prehnite bracelets are usually beaded bracelets with various charm inclusions, tassels, and other adornments. Merging of will and heart. When used in combination with Hiddenite, Prehnite is said to be highly effective in encouraging lucid dreaming, again because it can soften the boundary between the physical and spiritual world. People will start coming to you with questions. In short, you will gain a lot of power! Epidote is a calcium aluminium iron silicate hydroxide that belongs to the Epidote group of minerals. You already know this about you, Knowing Soul. . Liked it? Wearing a Prehnite bracelet will boost your life force and stimulate your life energies while also surrounding you with soothing energies. ............... Please remember, although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people’s lives they are never a substitute for medical advice. In general, you should avoid combining prehnite with other stones that rule the emotions, such as moonstone or ruby. Wear a Prehnite bracelet when you want to feel more confident, centered, and youthful. For those of you who are diviners, prehnite is the perfect surface for scrying. Prehnite is a pale yellow-green stone made primarily of calcium and aluminum. Support us on Patreon and get personal crystal advice! It can lead even the wisest of us to jump to conclusions! Prehnite can ensure that these intuitive instincts are doing their job in keeping you safe and helping you achieve your goals: that they show up when they’re supposed to, and that they’re relatively accurate. It is an excellent stone to place in the garden and it makes your home into a healing sanctuary for yourself. Attunement to the Earth and Spirit. As you move through every day, you are also able to remove the congestion and the slow-moving energies that are present in your aura. If you psychically charge your home, then invite a sensitive friend over, they may become nervous, paranoid, or start to feel physically ill from the vibrations surrounding them. Prehnite remains primarily known in South Africa, although large deposits have been found in Australia as well. Prehnite promotes unconditional love and stimulates spiritual growth. By doing this, you will be markedly contributing to the field of crystology. . Go to the Crystal and Stone Guide overview page. Written By Liz Oakes. This combination helps stabilize the flow of energy in the body, reducing anxious energy. Stones like opal, aventurine, or chrysoprase have better calming and regenerating effects than the calming powers of prehnite. schedule a free introductory phone or video session, Surrendering to natural order (Universal Laws), Resolving matters of your shadows (insecurities, judgements, regrets, fears), Soothing restless and worrisome energetic patterns, Hoarding (through a focus on universal abundance), Resolving and releasing lower frequency emotion, Reclaiming personal power through the facing of negative thought patterns, Respecting the power of your thoughts to direct your life (mind mastery). You are clear, connected, and whole. However, even experienced practitioners and spirit healers turn to this stone time and time again for its even handed approach. Unless otherwise noted, words and images on this site are original works designed to share my ministry and vision with the world. Remember?. When combined with the perceptive imagination conveyed by the prehnite, these are the stones of a truly wise leader.