Pros: There are several advantages, starting with its effectiveness as you only need to hit the attacker in the chest and the pepper ingredients will do the rest. Weapons such as the taser, teargas, and bean bag bullets help officers use force when needed without causing long term harm to the offender. The taser can be attributed to saving the lives of people who would otherwise would have been shot and killed by the police. UBackOff Review By Officer William T. Adams, Piexon JPX Pepper Spray Gun Reload Cartridges, Personal Security Products – What Are Your Options. What follows is a sample of the different non-lethal weapons available along with their benefits and drawbacks. Description: The gun or spray includes a mixture of pepper along with other chemicals that causes temporary blindness when it strikes the attacker. In crowd control situations, these weapons have the ability to prevent and stop riots, but they also have the ability to be misused and kill. FLAT RATE SAME DAY SHIPPING! Plus, the electrodes can penetrate thick clothing, so there is little in the way of defense that works. Choosing the best non-lethal weapon for your needs will depend on several factors that you have to decide is right for your needs. 11 2009. For example, if an officer is being approached by a man wielding a machete, and the officer is equipped with a taser, the officer now has another option on how to handle the situation. Take Action & Gain Peace of Mind! For those with limited mobility, this can be problematic. For example, a smaller device such as pepper spray for personal protection while keeping another type in your home. Before you go running to the nearest store or online to purchase a non-lethal weapon, you should first assess your specific needs, capabilities, and budget to ensure that you are purchasing the right one for you. The debate rages over whether or not it is a good thing that police have these weapons in their arsenals and if they should be able to use these on the public or not. In situations where this close range was not an option, the only other long range weapon, their firearm, was lethal. What is the Best Non Lethal Self Defense? In your home, on your person when traveling, or perhaps in your vehicle? . The good news is that there are many non-lethal weapons available on the marketplace. Once incapacitated, you have plenty of time to get away and go for help. Cons: You will need to use the weapon directly, which means getting up close for it to be effective. Pepper Spray for Sale – Refuse To Be a Victim! You can keep a potential assailant at bay, providing you enough time to get away. Support for autonomous weapons systems falls into two general categories. Non Lethal Weapons - a Controversial Debate. There are pros and cons for both sides of this issue; the non lethality of these weapons, and how potentially dangerous they actually are, are constantly questioned. It’s also easy to use and comes in different sizes and types from sprays to guns that hold pepper cartridges. Self-protection is a paramount concern with millions of people across the US. Mace vs Pepper Spray  – What is the Best? Pros: When the charge is delivered properly, the assailant will be incapacitated as no person can withstand the effect of the electricity. Military advantages. A benefit that is rarely associated with non lethal weapons is their ability to uphold the image of the Police in a community. These weapons used by the Police have saved a considerable amount of lives and have proven themselves as a useful tool in making the jobs of the police more effective and efficient. Allen Treadaway, the police union president of Birmingham, Alabama said that "there are so many instances where without the Tasers we would have had to escalate all the way up to using lethal force, our sidearms" (Wright). FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100. Sgt. Refuse To Be a Victim! Description: This is a gas-powered device that hurls a small bean bag up to 135 feet per second which is designed to knock the wind out of the attacker. It's hard to find an agency that doesn't use at least one in one form or another. Now, you just have to find the right device. Sign Up For Our Newsletter and Get a 5% Off Coupon, NOTE: We can not ship pepper spray internationally or to the states of New York and MA. You should also consider that you can purchase more than one type depending on your needs. The entire concept of non lethal weapons is based on minimizing civilian deaths in regards to policing. Some members of the defense community advocate autonomous weapons because of military advantages. Those who call for further development and deployment of autonomous weapons systems generally point to several military advantages. However, some of the best non-lethal weapon devices are most effective when coming into direct contact with the assailant. Non-lethal weapons have seen increasing use in the police forces and, more recently, the military forces of various countries around the world. There are pros and cons for both sides of this issue; the non lethality of these weapons, and how potentially dangerous they actually are, are constantly questioned. First, autonomous wea… However, many states and localities have laws which prevent the carrying of lethal weapons such as handguns for self-protection. Also, a strobe light may be used to disorient the assailant as well. You’ll need to answer these questions before going to the next step. When someone is shot and killed, (2009, 11). "Non Lethal Weapons - a Controversial Debate." "Non Lethal Weapons - a Controversial Debate." And, in regard to the personal safety of the individual walking down the street, whether through city or town, or a trail in the back-woods of the countryside, it is. Retrieved 11, 2009, from With advances in technology, the officer is able to be further removed from danger while using non lethal force on an individual. In most cases, the attacker will recover in a short time without permanent damage but giving you enough time to get away. By: Mike  •  Essay  •  2,042 Words  •  November 27, 2009  •  1,395 Views., 11 2009. Lethal Tools of Our Past- Weapons of The Frontier A starving man paves his own highway with the calloused soles of his hunger. Web. Cons: The bean bag gun is larger than most non-lethal defense weapons and may not be practical for many situations. In any case, the most desirable outcome for the officer as well as the public is for the incident to be over quickly resulting in no injuries. At present, less-lethal weapons are a fact of life. To be effective with pepper spray, the officer had to be close to the offender and this could lead to the officer being assaulted and attacked. 11, 2009. What follows are four of the most common self-defense weapons outside of guns on the market today. A person of limited mobility may want a self-defense device that keeps an attacker at a distance. This means that you will need to replace the spray or cartridges from time to time. Other supporters emphasize moral justifications for using them. Let's look at some of the available technologies and how they make a … These weapons are saving lives and give other options to the police in situations were they could potentially use lethal force and kill. Instead of shooting the man when he refuses to drop the weapon and presents an immediate danger to the officer, the officer can use the taser and effectively incapacitate the offender, without ever using lethal force. Is it something you want to carry on your person, in your pocket or purse, or can it be carried in your vehicle? With technology advances being what they are, there are more options today than ever before. Each of them offers advantages and issues that you will need to account before making your purchase. These types of weapons are critical to law enforcement officers because they can effectively subdue a person that is a threat to not only the officer, but to the public without attempting to take them down and physically fight them and without having to use extreme force and potentially kill them. Cons: You may not have time to use it if you are surprised and the pepper inside does loose its potency and ability to be effective over time, usually 2 years. Cons: Less effective in full daylight conditions and you must be close to strike the attacker. Though the uses for these weapons appear important and effective, there have been multiple problems with police over using tasers and using them at times that others may deem unnecessary. Non lethal weapons, or as some call them, less lethal weapons make this possible. Accessed 11, 2009. Choosing the best non-lethal weapon for your needs will depend on several factors that you have to decide is right for your needs. "Non Lethal Weapons - a Controversial Debate" 11 2009 .