This is the first sign that you need to look out for and the next sign is the change of texture. Preparing the papaya. Papaya tastes great in smoothies, salads, salsas and more. A ripe papaya has a distinct smell which smells sweet and flavorful. Papaya adds the perfect crunch to Bobby's filling salad. Slit the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape the seeds, and keep or, alternatively, use half a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Place papaya in food processor and process ... 1 hour. Serve soup in crystal stem desserts. Garnish with mint sprigs and serve. You can still make jam from ripe papaya, but you will not end up with the crunchiness of the semi-ripe one as required in this recipe. Get the best recipe ideas for this versatile fruit. Preparing the jam. Avocado and Papaya Salad Giada's vibrant salad is elegant and makes the perfect dinner party side dish. The change of texture is from hard to soft is a sign that it is ripening. In a separate pan, and on a low heat, cook 400g cubed ripe papaya in two tablespoons of ghee or clarified butter, stirring regularly, for 10-15 minutes, until cooked down into a rich puree. Serve soup in crystal stem desserts.