0. Are the unique features of the Galaxy Book S worth the additional price? Graphics: Adreno 680 Ports: 2x USB-C, audio jack 2020-11-06T15:33:00Z, Read T3's Asus ZenBook Flip S 13 review now to see if this is the ideal laptop for you, By Dom Reseigh-Lincoln • However, it's very expensive, and isn't the most powerful laptop out there either. It was love at first sight for us when we clapped eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Book S: with its compact size, tasteful lines, vibrant screen and textured metal finish (available in Mercury Grey or Earthy Gold). The Samsung Galaxy Book S is a Windows on Arm laptop with mobile smarts. The 'hybrid' chip combines tech from both the Sunny Cove and Tremont Atom CPUs, in theory to give you good performance and very good battery life. Weight: 2.12 pounds (0.96kg) This lets you log into Windows 10 with just a touch. In addition, Samsung has added what it calls an outdoor mode, where brightness is upped to 600 nits (with a battery life trade-off), and it's a real help if you're sat in the garden or any other outdoor environment. Booting from cold, where the laptop was turned off, not put to sleep, takes a bit longer. The fact that it comes with full Windows 10 is another bonus. There are plenty of good reasons why you should protect your mobile device with a VPN, as well as your PC. When it comes to this Intel version of the Galaxy Book S against the other Galaxy Book S, we think we slightly prefer this one – the processor is easier for Windows apps to work with, and seems to be exactly what Intel was aiming for in terms of battery life and performance. It stays quiet and cool too, using a fanless design, and from our days with the laptop it seems that Samsung and Intel have achieved their aim of producing the perfect portable (or close to it). Battery Life (TechRadar movie test): 17 hours and 43 minutes. Put simply, the battery life of the Galaxy Book S is phenomenal. Just underneath the left-hand side is a slot to install a SIM card. The Samsung Galaxy Book S is also powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8cx platform, which is the company’s first platform designed for PCs. … That involved some heavy duty internet browsing and document creation, and it meant we could get through most of the next day without a charge as well. On top of that, the screen and design is one of the best we've seen too. This is one of the trump cards of the Samsung Galaxy Book S. Installing a mobile data SIM card enables the Samsung Galaxy Book S to connect to the internet via cellular data. First, it has the might of Samsung behind it. You’re after a bit of style This is why we weren’t able to run most of our benchmarks, and the ones we did show that the Samsung Galaxy Book S still isn't a powerhouse. Previous Snapdragon-powered laptops have mostly failed, as they can't compete performance-wise with more powerful laptops of the same price. This is one seriously attractive laptop. Sadly, it hasn’t been able to keep up with the mobile chips Intel and AMD have been pumping out for laptops, but all that could change. Still, this is a pricey laptop which means the Samsung Galaxy Book S needs to do some heavy lifting to justify the price. Some people might want more ports than the two USB-C ones here (plus a headphone jack), but that minimalism helps the device stay light and slim. You don’t get that nagging feeling that you’ve paid a huge amount for a laptop that struggles with most tasks. It’s good, but standard laptops have also come a long way in reducing startup times, so it’s not quite the advantage it used to be. Amazon Black Friday deals are here!