Valentine is a boy’s name of Latin roots, meaning “health” and “strength”. Both Andrew and Andreas are name’s of Greek origin that mean “strong and manly”. Ondrej: Slovakian name meaning man warrior. The name Takeo translates to “strong as bamboo”. According to Baby Center, the name is Hebrew for "strong," "safe," and "firm." Denzel is a boy’s name worn with a strong spirit by famed American actor Denzel Washington. We couldn't find the exact name Spirit, but listed below are some first names meaning Spirit or names similar to the word Spirit. The boy’s name Arnold is of English origin and means “strong as an eagle”. I began searching and wrote a list of what I believed were uncommon and unique baby names that would keep my husband happy. Hey, Arnold was a popular TV show and Schwarzenegger is the strong governor of California. in the Old Testament, Abel Was the Son of Adam and Eve Who Was Killed by His Brother Cain in a Fit of Jealousy . Your email address will not be published. This beautiful journal usually $15 has over 60 pages for you to fill out and keep forever. Irie, the popular Jamaican saying for “positive and powerful” has also become a girl’s first name. Amell: German name meaning power of an eagle. Luana is one of the coolest names that mean strong spirit because of its German translation meaning “graceful battle maiden”. Kalmin: Scandinavian meaning manly and strong. Keren is a Hebrew name which means “strength” and “power”. Reggie, or Reginald, is an English name mostly used for boys but is seen in girls as well. Richmond is a name that could mean a strong spirit for boys. Arsenio: Spanish name meaning strong and virile. Valentina is a girl’s name of Latin roots. Feel free to share this article on Pinterest! Britta has Sweedish origins and its meaning is “strength”. The name symbolizes reliability and a strong sense of direction. They are popular names in English speaking countries as well, especially in their shortened forms of Andy and Drew. This name has Hebrew roots and means “strong, powerful, and courageous”. Ryker: Danish name meaning super strength. Eldrid is a Norse name that means “fiery spirit”. Jerry: Irish name meaning brave spearman. Aziz, yes just like the funny man Aziz Ansari. A German name that means “might”, “power”, or “battle”. Yves: French name meaning knight of the lion. Some are masculine, some are feminine, while others are gender neutral. Emeric is a boy’s name that is popular in France and the Cajun region of the United States. Meditation, Spirituality and Conscious Living. Throughout life, we can become identified with our name. Oswald is an English boy’s name that means “divine power”. Pridbor: Slovakian name meaning foremost warrior. Griffin is the first name of Latin origin and is used as a Celtic last name. From the comic book character to the 70s sitcom dad, funny people have taken on the German name Archie in more recent times but don’t be mistaken, there is nothing funny about this name that means “truly brave”. Aimon: ... Moms, did you like the names we shared above and do you think they truly represent a fighter and strong spirit? Valerie is a French girl’s name that could mean strong in spirit. The name comes out of the Hebrew verb “ames”, which means “to be strong”. Liam: Irish name meaning a strong-willed warrior. Maynard is a name of German origin popularized by the Tool frontman. Herbie/Herbert: German name meaning illustrious warrior. Audie and Audriana are English names while Audra is closer associated with Scottland. Alma has Latin roots and is a popular Celtic name. Mandla is an African boys name of Zulu origin that means “strength”. Uisne: Scottish name meaning man of force. While not as common today, Alcie’s variant names have become more popular, such as Elsie and Elsa. If your kid also shares any warrior baby names mentioned above, or if your kid’s name means any of the above but is not in the list we shared, do … But Rock is an actual first name too, made famous by Rock Hudson and derived from the Italian name Rocco. It’s Biblical/Christian variant is Asa. These names have gained in popularity over the last year but are still unique to use When I was pregnant with my first baby who I knew was a boy. Harvey is a French name that means a strong spirit. Bali is an ancient Sanskrit name which means “strength”. Mohagany means “rich” and “strong”. In Incan culture, Nina is a name that means “fiery goddess”. Required fields are marked *, Unify Cosmos is dedicated to seed the positive aspects in everyone life and we do this through promotion of spiritual initiatives. Chasen has Hebrew origins and means “strong, mighty”. Einar: Norwegian name meaning strong warrior. The origin of Amdis is Norse and means “eagle spirit”. Paresh is a popular Indian name which means “supreme spirit”. Milkology: The Best Online Breastfeeding Course. And that strength can be a lot of things: being physically strong, but also being strong in convictions and spirit. Brion: an Irish name meaning strong and honorable. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Howard is a boy’s name of German origin, although it can be used interchangeably as a girl’s name too. Caden a battle-ready name that can mean strong spirit. Yes, like the Ghostbuster. I was looking for some powerful strong boy names. Naois: Celtic name meaning Mythical warrior. Batair: Scottish name meaning strong warrior, Cathal: Irish name meaning powerful in battle. Shakti means “power”. If you are a mom looking for baby names then you must be due very soon. Mohagany is a beautiful type of wood but also a beautiful name of Spanish origin. Trudy is a powerful girl’s name from German origin that means “universal strength”. When I first started this blog, I was looking for a way to have a creative outlet and share some of my experiences and knowledge that I’ve learned as a mom. My husband was adamant that the name had to be not only rare, powerful and unusual but a name that no one had heard of at the time….NO pressure then! Ptolemy: Greek name meaning aggressive warlike. The best thing is it doesn’t cost anything and you will learn some amazing tips with videos YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR THE FREE COURSE HERE, I wish you all the best and hope you have a safe and easy birth. It is completely free and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. The name Fergus is of Scottish roots and means “man of force”. Another name that is better known as a surname, like the Patriots star quarterback and the beloved Brady Bunch. Tormey as an old Irish name which means “thunder spirit”. Bridget is the Anglo-Saxon version of “Brighid” and means “strength”. Umberto: Italian name for renowned warrior. The name Amzi is Biblical with several references in scripture. RELATED: THE BEST ONLINE BREASTFEEDING CLASS. Rock is powerfully masculine, see sported by strong dude “The Rock” as a nickname. Brianna is the name’s English variant. Walt/Walter: English name meaning ruler of an army. Victorio: Spanish name meaning renowned warrior. The meaning of Howard is “brave heart” just like the movie. Quillon is an old Latin and Greek name which is still somewhat prevelant today which means “strength” and “crossing swords”. The German name Hugh may be more associated with American playboys like Heffner and Grant, but the name means “bright in mind and spirit” or “heart, mind, and soul”. The only baby name book you will need in 2020 is here. Hototo is a Hopi (Native American) name that means “warrior spirit who sings”. It is also seen in its Spanish variant as “Archibald”. We take on their energies, we may even look a bit like them – “he looks like a Bob”, or “she looks like a Mary”. Kenzo certainly has a nice ring to it. Tetsu is a Japanese girl’s name that represents a strong spirit. It’s Griffith variant is Welsh. More specifically, the name Abir translates to “strong, mighty, courageous”. Its meaning is “hardy, brave, strong”. Aza is a unisex name of Arabic origin. Takeo is a Japanese boy’s name that represents a strong spirit. Its Spanish variation is Valencia and they come from Latin roots, meaning “strong” and “brave”. Enzie is a popular unisex Swahili name which means “powerful”. Merrick is a Welsh name, possibly derived from “Maurice”. Elda is an Italian name that means “warrior”. I really wanted to find a comprehensive list of strong and unique baby boys’ names, which I couldn’t find anywhere. More popularly seen around town as “Ozzie”, as the first name of the Black Sabbath frontman.