In 1070, expecting a conquest of England by King Sweyn II of Denmark, Hereward and some followers joined a force of Danish sailors who had come to Ely. Sir Hereward and Lady Wake were kind and generous hosts to a visit to the fabulous Arboretum in the grounds of Courteenhall. ‘Courteenhall is a remarkably perfect and rather unusual example of the mid-sized Georgian house of the last decade of the C18. With Alfred Lynch, Bryan Pringle, Yvonne Furneaux, John Carson. Hereward, son of Duke Leofric and Lady Godiva, fought a long and ultimately hopeless guerilla war against the invading forces of William the Conqueror in the fens of Lincolnshire, betrayed not only by his allies but by his own weaknesses. Hereward (Herwardus Hereward le Wake Hereward The Wake Herwardus de Brunne Hereward of Mercia The Exile Hereward the Outlaw Hereward the Exile Hereward the Banished? Since it was completed no change of significance has been made.’ 4 The seat of the Wake family, this house and estate has passed directly from father to son, the present head of the family being Sir Hereward Wake, 14th baronet, who turns 100 later this year. The Hereward Way First-in-line to the baronetcy is traditionally called Hereward and is therefore known as Sir Hereward Wake. Hereward the Wake, (flourished 1070–71), Anglo-Saxon rebel against William the Conqueror and the hero of many Norman and English legends.He is associated with a region in present-day Huntingdonshire and Northamptonshire. 2 He was the son of Sir William Wake, 11th Bt. 3 He married Catherine St. Aubyn, daughter of Sir Edward St. Aubyn, 1st Bt. Son of Sir Hereward Wake, 12th Bt. Married Margaret Winifred Benson, daughter of Robert Henry Benson, on 30 October 1912. was born on 19 July 1852. Sir Hereward Wake, 12th Bt. Hereward the Banished) Hereward was born in 1035, at birth place. The family of Wake held Bourne Abbey in the 13th century. Born on 11 February 1876 at Knightsbridge, London, England. It is possible that the Wake family may have created a spurious connection to Hereward the Wake, in order to retain claim to his lands, but this cannot now be known. Hereward married first name Mercia (born Penda). and Catherine St. Aubyn. Maj.-Gen. Sir Hereward Wake, 13th Bt. Died on 4 August 1963 at age 87. The heir apparent to the baronetcy is the current holder's eldest son, John Hereward Wake (born 1978). and Emma Knollys, on 14 April 1874. ... Sir Robert Hereward, Circa 1040 - Circa 1116 Robert Hereward 1040 1116. Robert Hereward was born in between 1070 and 1090, at birth place, to Robert the "Banished" Hereward the Wake Mercia (Hereward) and Wilburga Mercia (Hereward) (born Penda). 2 ost English know of Hereward the Wake (meaning ‘wary’), the Fenland’s most famous hero, who lead a revolt against Duke William the Bastard of Normandy, who had usurped the English throne after defeating the English army at the Battle of Hastings, and killing the last king of the English, Harold Godwinson, and the flower of the English nobility in the process. Robert was born in 1040, in Wessex, , , England. Sir Hereward Wake, 14th Baronet (1916–2017) Sir Hereward Charles Wake, 15th Baronet (born 1952), who was married to Lady Doune Mabell Ogilvy, eldest daughter of the 13th Earl of Airlie. 3 He died on 5 January 1916 at age 63. and Margaret Anne Fricker.