The power of a 10-inch dobsonian telescope (254 mm) - YouTube Latest Photos. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sky Watcher Flextube 300 Dobsonian 12-inch Collapsible Large Aperture Telescope – Portable, Easy to Use, Perfect for Beginners, White/Black (S11740) at Sky-Watcher. SPECIFICATIONS: Sky-Watcher 12.5-inch Reflector. Toggle navigation ... Review. The StarGate 500P has a 508mm (20-inch) primary mirror with a focal length of 2,000mm to provide what’s known as a ‘fast’ focal ratio of f/4. 12 June 2019 ... 31 May 2019 Review. Sky-Watcher - The worlds largest telescope manufacturer Sky-Watcher Global. It comes with a 28mm, 2-inch (71x) and a 10mm, 1.25-inch (200x) eyepiece; a 9×50 straight-through finder; three 1kg counterweights; a light baffle and a fabric tube shroud. Aperture: 12.5 inches (30 cm) Focal length: 1,500 mm Focal ratio: f/5 Weight: Mount 23 kg; Tube 20 kg AZ-GTi MOUNT RATED AS HOT PRODUCT OF 2019 ON SKY&TELESCOPE. Sky-Watcher's Stargate 18-inch Dobsonian Review by Sky& Telescope 2018 APRIL ... 15 February 2018 Load More. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. So for me, the Sky-Watcher SynScan’s combination of Dobsonian design and GoTo convenience is, indeed, a match made in heaven. With the computerized SynScan hand controller, you can quickly find over 42,000 objects and enjoy the extra detail, and sometimes even see a hint of color in deep-sky objects. The Sky-Watcher Stargate 20 Truss Tube Dobsonian will blow you away with its light-gathering power!