As such, intensity, volume and frequency are structured for maximum strength and mass gains. You want to get bigger but the body doesn’t because that will make all the exercises harder to do. You have to realize with bodyweight training for mass you’re sending the body mixed signals. The 20-Rep Squat Workout and Program. Squat Programs. Other routines may increase the squat work capacity of the athlete. After which, you squat … The 20-Rep Squat Workout is a stand alone, single workout that can be added to your current routine. Start with 10 cards and line them up about 3 inches apart. Variation will also come from varying squat … Squat programs generally focus on increasing the one rep max for an athlete's squat. Two-thirds of the volume will come from back squats; the other third will come from front squats. Some of these program spreadsheets are better suited for meet prep or peaking, while others are better for off-season training. Note: There is a 20-Rep Squat Workout and a 20-Rep Squat Program. Tyson Squat Workout. 3. Squat and pick up the first card, then move to the next card and place the first card on top of the second card. 1. The opposite is true with weights. So yes bodyweight squats for mass … General Notes-You’ll squat three times a week for the duration of the eight weeks. The 20-Rep Squat … 2.