I Think of you every time I use it.) I only have coconut milk in the fridge today. Definitely a keeper!! I’m in love with my vitamix already! It’s the perfect summer smoothie! I’ll remember that tip next time. Glad you loved this smoothie. Didn’t have frozen banana but did have impatient 4 year old. :), Would it be ok if we used strawberry Greek yogurt instead of regular Greek yogurt, Hi Haaken – You can do that, however it’s not necessary. So think of this strawberry banana smoothie as your little black dress. I am looking for your strawberry muffins. 100 Comments, Hi! Four thumbs up from us! Excellent and simple! Love that! Loved it. Greek yogurt is nice and thick, but you could use regular yogurt in this recipe as well. Thanks so much! I’m happy you loved the recipe! It truly is as easy as adding the strawberries, frozen banana, milk and yogurt to your blender and blending until nice and creamy. I have made smoothies in the past and have been greatly disappointed, so I was worried about making another but it was amazing. This is a great way to get fruits going in the morning :), super smooth and fluffy, best smoothie i’ve ever had. You’re going to love this recipe :), First, thank you for responding to my IG message about which vitamix to purchase! I had a pretty tangy version of Greek yogurt so I did add a little honey to sweeten but LOVE the ratios in this recipe! I’m happy you love it as well! Content and photographs are copyright protected. It really is a classic. So glad you loved the strawberry banana smoothie, Paris! It really doesn’t get much easier than this! Sometimes you’ve just got to improvise! I try to avoid as much sugar as I can, so berries are my go to fruit. Hi Marietha – Oh no, that is a bummer! You just toss all the ingredients in the blender for a few seconds until it’s nice and creamy and your done. One of the best ways to enjoy summer is drinking a cold and refreshing smoothie made from fresh ingredients. :). It’s made with only four ingredients and takes only 5 minutes. Do you have an idea of what I can use (in any of your recipes) as a substitute for bananas and avos? Happy to hear you enjoyed this smoothie recipe Darryl! Happy to hear you enjoyed this one. Thanks Trish! I can get fancy with smoothies and include chia seeds, collagen, hemp seeds and other fun ingredients, but a simple, straightforward smoothie is just as delicious. Use it almost everyday. ?I would definitely make again and recommend making. :) x. I know there are a million fancy smoothie flavors out there, but this classic combo is hand down my favorite. My son would totally love this smoothie!! Tysm! Yay! Romi, Hi Romi – Of course, and congrats on your new Vitamix. I made the recipe, but with all the negative talk of dairy that’s out there, I  substituted Almond milk to make it vegan. It really doesn’t get much easier than this! Hi Sami – A strawberry smoothie never disappoints! I love this recipe! ;), I only have almond milk in the fridge will that work and i don’t like yougurt. And with strawberries in abundance in the markets right now, it only makes sense to whip up this classic strawberry banana smoothie recipe. Hi Thomas – Awesome! Way to put that machine to good use! I used frozen strawberries and bananas. Can’t wait for strawberries to be back in season, I’m sure to try this. I’ve made this smoothie multiple times, and am amazed at how easy it is to make and how great it tastes! I can’t wait to make these smoothies. If you make it as per the recipe below, it should be cold and drinkable but not too thick. :). A Strawberry Smoothie With Mint, Basil And Banana Anniebobs banana, milk, strawberries, basil, mint sprigs Green Tea Almond Strawberry Smoothie (Sencha Strawberry Smoothie) theflavorbender.com tea, hot water, tea leaves, honey, unsweetened almond milk, almond butter and 1 more Will that work? Super yummy! It’s definitely a classic smoothie recipe. Threw in a handful of ice cubes and all was well. I could still drink it through a straw, not too thick at all. Here is a link to my recipes for low sugar smoothies that don’t include bananas or mangos :) https://downshiftology.com/recipes/low-sugar-smoothies/. Hi Molls – So glad you loved this smoothie! This strawberry banana smoothie is such a classic recipe, isn’t it? :) Glad you enjoy it as well! Awesome! I’m going to admit, ever since spring started I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds. Now I want one size bigger, 16oz to make for my hubby. ;), How can I find a recipe? Definitely will come in handy for the summer :). Due to its name, smoothies, this type of beverage has thicker texture than common fruit juices due to some additional ingredients such as ice cream, yogurt and cookies that are blended together with raw fruits. (My husband prefers Lisa’s Mango Smoothie – it naturally has a lot more sugar). Can’t wait to try your nut butter recipe! Used my NutriBullet. :). Of all the smoothies I make, this one gets made the most often. Just four ingredients for this healthy and delicious strawberry banana smoothie! This strawberry banana smoothie is an easy, wholesome recipe made from fresh ingredients. :). I do have recipes for low-sugar green smoothies that use limited fruit as well. Sliced? I also added some spinach to make it healthier. One of my favorite smoothies! This strawberry banana smoothie is made with just 3 ingredients. Made this by semi-thawing some frozen strawberries and using a ripe banana on my counter — SO GOOD. :). Look at that cutie! Threw in a handful of ice cubes and all was well. Exactly. Sometimes it’s meant to be when ripe bananas are just hanging around. it’s an easy breakfast or mid-day snack. milk and yogurt to your blender and blending until nice and creamy :), Wonderful! One of my all time favorite fun and easy ways to shed a few pounds during the summer is to drink a glass of refreshing smoothie every day either for breakfast or dinner. I’ve always used all frozen and you’re right … I usually have to let it melt for a minute until it is soft enough to drink. Do you use any specific flavor of Greek yogurt? This is the best strawberry banana smoothie recipe EVER. DELICIOUS! You can easily double this recipe. Please read my. It’s a classic :), i have’t try this yet but it sounds amazing. Cheesy Broccoli Chicken and Rice Casserole, Crispy Mozzarella Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Cheesy Broccoli Stuffed Chicken (low-carb, Keto), Top 10 Must Try Taco Recipes (30 Minutes or less! Healthy snack, sure Add a few tablespoons of cold water. So glad you loved this smoothie :). I’m new to smoothie making and normally my smoothies are bitter for some reason and end up having to use a lot of sugar and I have no idea why. And I’m excited for strawberry season as well! Switch up snack time with The Switch Strawberry Banana Smoothie! Yes, almond milk will work fine. Hi Lisa, I truly love with your website and all of the wonderful recipes you have available. ), Roasted Cauliflower Tacos with Creamy Cilantro Sauce. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/strawberry-smoothie-with-water How should I freeze the banana? Just love a good strawberry smoothie! I threw the banana in the freezer for about an hour and they worked just fine, even though they weren’t completely frozen. Chop/slice frozen banana into pieces.