What Does an Enterprise Architect Do? They have a big interest in new and emerging technologies and can easily plan for the future using logical thinking. Their job is to help the company achieve long-term software application goals by designing the architecture to support the Java environment. Promoting a job description on Indeed reaches a large number of people. Solution Architect Job Description Example. What Does a Solution Architect Do? Architect Job Description Template We are looking for a creative and inspired Architect to handle projects from the initial client briefing through to the final stages of construction. Job description templates help employers customize their job listing. Technology architects design and plan the implementation of new systems and technology. Job Description. A detailed and accurate description will save you time and effort and help you find the most qualified candidate that best suit your needs. The job description of the solution architect entails the execution of complex projects by studying and understanding clients’ requirements, identifying gaps (if any) between clients’ requirements and SAP functionalities, and defining solutions to bridge the gap. Use this provided template to help you attract qualified Enterprise Architect candidates. Enterprise Architect Job Description Example. This architect job description sample can help you create the ideal posting to attract the best qualified candidates. The job outlook for the Systems Architect professionals is promising over the next decade. Java Architects work closely with the software design team and company managers. Hiring the best Enterprise Architect requires tools created for employers. Java Architects define, upgrade, and integrate software architecture that support Java-based applications. The enterprise architect job description entails collaborating with stakeholders, business representatives, and subject matter experts to design IT systems in synchronization with the needs of the business organization. As per BLS, around 9% of growth is likely in this field. Technology Architect Job Description. In a standard set-up, Systems Architects interface with multiple stakeholders in an organization to support their requirements. Writing a thorough description of your Architect job listing will help you find an employee that is a great fit for your organization. By building on the structure and organization of this outline and customizing it with your specific job duties and requirements, you can turn those candidates into applicants.