I've never really experimented with pickups before, so i have no idea about output volume changes. Check Price On Amazon. Telecaster(Tm)-Style Top-Loading Chrome Electric Guitar Bridge Plate For Humbuckers. I selected it because it's metal and wanted it for shielding purposes on a guitar without a pick guard. Saddles, mounting screws and allen wrench. Not sure though. However, I think it may be the combo of the bridge type and the pickup.... not just the pickup. All the action happens inside the guitar. The neck and middle pickups are really great and clear. Black Hardtail Bridge, Fits Teles® and Strats ... Filter-Tron, GF"Tron-Fit Vintage BLACK Tele Bridge, Solid Brass Saddles . Tele bridge pickup. You must log in or register to reply here. Wouldn't it be Easier to get a Tele and put a middle pickup in it? A While back i bought a strat, and i love it. The plate used on the bottom of a Telecaster bridge pickup is commonly called an elevator plate to support the Telecaster bobbin and is punched out of a cold rolled steel and is copper plated to help keep the plate from rusting and the plating makes it easier to solder the ground wire. Adding a Strat middle pickup. Just measures my 2011 roadworn player strat bridge plate thickness is 3 mm so they must be thinning them out on the new strats . Had the guard made by WD. However, I think it may be the combo of the bridge type and the pickup.... not just the pickup. Also it's not just bridge plates I weighed my 2007 usa strat neck some years back .it was very light compared to a mighty might neck both were same specs and radius but the mightymite was 130 grams heavier . Lee Dickson's firing situation with Clapton. Modest improvement in tone but nowhere near a real Tele. Made in Mexico. It really makes a HUGE difference and the installation is pretty simple. Tele bridge pickup. The bridge plate is fixed to the body of the guitar. Only until recently, the ferrous elevator plate was not wax potted to the pickup, and playing at higher volumes caused the pickup to become microphonic. Genuine Fender part no. Its got sparkle, body and best of all balls. http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/stratocaster/vintage-output/twang_banger_ap/, http://www.tdpri.com/forum/stratoca...lowell-george-stratocaster-finally-ready.html, http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2007/Aug/Beefing_Up_Single_Coils.aspx. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Do tonewoods really matter in building a guitar? Guitarfetish Price $35.95 In Stock . Sounded great! I now spend most of the time on the bridge position where before I spent most of my time on the neck. Check out this guys build: Try putting a metal plate under the bridge pickup first if you don't already have one. Lowell George's strat had a tele pickup in the bridge. Here's a good article about it. Maybe a bit fatter and rounder. That was just the neck without tuners . Includes bridge plate. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This Tele neck pickup (single-coil) mounting ring is nice. Sounds very much like my Tele's that have the same pickups in them. The guitar itself is still a huge part of the sound of course and all 3 instruments I have with those pickups (2 Teles and one Strat) have different tonal signatures. It also helps a lot with guitar changes on stage; I don't have to tweak the amp when going from one to the other. The plating reduces the oxidation and the early Broadcaster, Esquire and Telecasters can be found with non-plated elevator plates. This is a chrome electrical guitar-style bridge plate, using a cutout perfectly sized for full size humbucker pickups. The early screws were round head slotted and later used round head Phillips. There is something about the tele bridge pickup sound, compressed and fat if adjusted right. Then finally tried out the base plate on my SSS strat and voilà! Never installed, still in unopened package. You can see one or two minor scratches that were not polished out before the plating process. I just really like the way Area-T 615 and Area-T neck pickups react. Telecaster Bridge Plate For Bigsby~Fits 4 Hole Fender Vintage Bridges~Brand New 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Telecaster Bridge Plate For Bigsby~Fits 4 Hole Fender Vintage Bridges~Brand New You also need to drill wide holes for the new bridge posts. The bridge design of a Tele is a big part of the sound, That pickup is not going to sound the same mounted in a plastic Strat pickguard. Brent Mason did this on his No. The newly patented TREM KING ® is a vibrato system for guitar that uses a fixed bridge concept. Rated 4 out of 5. There is something about the tele bridge pickup sound, compressed and fat if adjusted right. Copyright © 2020 Seymour Duncan. The Bigsby itself has a front roller bar and it’s screwed onto the top of the guitar. But they are small enough as … I know... as a long time Strat guy that fell in love with the sound of a Tele, I tried, and tried, and tried... Im with those that suggest getting a new set of pickups... a thin sounding bridge pup just doesn't sound right. I've done this and it wasn't worth it. (he also had an Alembic Stratoblaster preamp built into the guitar) I think I remember a TGP member was constructing a Lowell George tribute guitar. Ye.. sure will, it will work, in fact you can put anything in the hole... probably get a half dozen kalamata olives in there.. that doesn't mean the results will be as anticipated... or that the guitar will sound like a Greek salad... the Strat body presents a different dynamic to the confluence that generates the voice than that of the Tele... two different worlds..