With this kit you can build a small telescope with 6.5 x magnification. You will make your own custom fit tube for this telescope anyway :) As we have thoroughly cleaned all the tools and working space, we can start with 120 grit. You’ll be amazed at what you can see with the 16x magnification! Another surprising advantage is that hand made optics (if guidelines are followed) tend to have a higher surface quality than the mirrors polished by industrial machines. It is basically the same telescope as our small Galileo Telescope, but it also comes with an original BAADER solar filter film that allows for direct observation of the sun and the eclipse. However, most of the amateur telescope makers (ATMs) who decide to build their own instrument do it because they want to understand the optical phenomenon involved in a reflector. - Fully MgF2 coated achromatic glass objective lens or Achromatic plastic doublet objective lens - Build your own telescope in minutes - No screws, No tools - 50mm achromatic objective (If you can’t find a telescope kit from RAFT, you can check out this basic one and this more advanced one available on Amazon.) 2)Build Your Own Telescope Kit For Schools The schools orientated kit is basically the same kit as the individual kit except the teacher has all the notes concerning the maths and physics involved in doing the project as a complete course, plus, an extra mirror making kit for demonstration to the class. Make Your Own Refractor Telescope Kit Using kit materials, students build a hand-held, 10× refractor telescope in a matter of minutes and start viewing the heavens as Galileo did in 1609. After a wet or two, this is a good time to test the sphere on the mirror. I purchased a build-your-own-telescope kit from RAFT, which is a great organization that upcycles discarded materials into educational activities. The Solar Telescope. Celestron - PowerSeeker Telescope Accessory Kit - Includes 2x 1.25" Kellner Eyepieces, 3 Colored Telescope Filters, and Cleaning Cloth - Telescope Eyepiece Kit for … You can build our radio telescope kit, use your own equipment, or just join in via the Internet. Get inspired with our Build Your Own cardboard telescope kit The box contains everything you need to start exploring our world and beyond Follow the detailed instructions, press out the pre-cut parts and add the lenses and mirror to build a fully functioning refractor telescope! Put your name and favorite celestial or wild bird pictures on the identification label under the transparent mounting cover to customize your own telescope. One of our main goals is to motivate students to learn about science by participating in a scientific activity, making measurements, acquiring and analyzing data, and sharing and discussing their results with other observers. This picture shows the contents of our kit, which included: