I’ve been asked for the recipe after serving it to guests. This was my first experience using fresh ginger and it has me thinking about ginger cookies? And the best part is that if you take the time to remove the cucumber seeds, as Jennifer suggests, the undressed cabbage salad will stay fresh and delicious in the fridge for a week, making a perfect lunchtime solution for many days. The only thing I had trouble with was prepping each individual veggie and made a giant mess in my kitchen for just a salad. I basically keep the rest of the ingredients in my stock of food and that was that. No adjustments necessary – it is delicious exactly as described. Thank you! I made this dish but the peanut dressing was thick and more of a paste. I used to crave the salad at Sammy’s restaurant but now I can make this salad and be completely satisfied… and spend a lot less money! I want to find reasons just to have the dressing…. This salad was very flavorful. I could have it several times a week, it is so delicious! This dressing was great on the salad. But used most of the other ingredients… Just a little more red chilli as we Indians love that extra bite!! I could eat the dressing with a spoon and my 22 month old daughter loves it too. It’s hard for me to find fresh Napa cabbage or slaw mix where I live in Mexico. The dressing balance is perfect. It is my go-to dinner when I’m in a hurry, and my family’s favorite. I added some roasted noodles and peanuts to add more crunchy effect. It was so refreshing and our whole family asked for it again. This recipe will stay in my permanant recipe file. This salad dressing is amazing!! Hi Jenn! The dressing will keep well for about a week in the fridge. . So glad I did it though because the mint/basil combo gave the broth the most unique flavor. Made this today for the 4th of July. Oh, and I better leave some home for my husband. Ps, I didnt use the edamame but chopped up some baby arugula and it gave it such a nice peppery flavor. Very good and simple! I traded out sugar snap peas for the cucumbers and added some avocado. This is by far the best salad I’ve ever made. I am going to share this recipe on my blog sometime soon with credits to you:) Thanks a ton for sharing such a great recipe:) Cheers!! I made this for lunch today and it was delicious. This salad is delicious. thank you!! I cut wonton wrappers into thin strips and fried them up for a crunchy topping. The dressing shouldn’t be too thick. It is always awesome. I made this for the first time recently and it is so easy, refreshing and a “show stopper”. This salad was soooo yummy! There are a lot of wonderful recipes that I use time and time again. My favorite salad since trying it about a year ago. Crunchy, easy, flavorful…thank you thank you. (Per another reviewer’s idea from below, I used Tahini instead of peanut butter as we have a nut allergy in our house.) The dressing suits crunchy salads to a ‘T’. I’ve made the salad twice, getting rave reviews and requests for the recipe both times. We love this recipe! I normally have both of those ingredients but I don’t this time and really want to try this recipe soon! Otherwise I followed the recipe. Your recipes are the best! I usually substitute regular green cabbage for the napa cabbage and omit the edamame (because they’re kind of expensive). It will be a staple at our house. Love love love. I double it and freeze half (is really good on noodles/stir fry too!). I’ve made it several times since I saw it in your newsletter. The salad was NOM and my friends were impressed with how good it looked and tasted. Since I practically live on chopped salads with chicken this is a nice change from my normal dressings. Thank you! It’s a big hit at potlucks and goes well with chicken or pork. We are trying the dressing with spring rolls tonight. The sauce is soooo good. This recipe is heaven in a bite! I thought I’d miss the fish sauce, but I didn’t. Thank you! The dressing is just fantastic! This is the 2nd recipe I tried from your site and ever since then I’ve tried 1-2 recipes each week and hooked on your site. Delicious! My family don’t like edamame beans, and it tasted fine without. Tasted just like the CPK version. I’m a big fan of ordering Asian salads in restaurants but this one is every bit as good as my favorites. A go to recipe for sure! I can totally relate – we’ve tried three recipes in three days and are hooked! I need to do low GI foods, so I reduced honey to 1 T and completely eliminated the sugar. . Loved the dressing and having it on all those raw veggies made it super healthy. Many thanks Jennifer! I devoured the majority of it! We have a peanut allergy in the family so I had to leave the peanut butter out of the sauce, but it was still delicious. Thank you. Ingredients were perfect together and the peanut sauce made me want to cry it was so good. Thank you very much. I grill the wings until they are nice and crispy and toss the dressing and some scallions on the hot chicken, your football fans will thank you! OMG. Hand slicing or slicing on a mandolin does not release juices. If you love Thai food, you will love this salad. wow, this was so tasty and filling! I prefer organic or some type of grass fed, the flavor and size are jsut so much better. im searching recipes and ive found yours.Thank you so much. The dressing is so delicious I could eat it by itself! So good! Absolute perfection! Love this – it’s absolutely delicious, although it was a bit sweet for me the first time I made it, so I cut back on the sugar, and it’s amazing. We added soy sauce marinated chicken and avocado. I don’t normally take the time to respond to a recipe but this was so amazing that I had to! Very satisfying. It was sweet enough for our tastes. I’ve made this salad countless times and it’s always a hit! Hope you enjoy it! One of my friends helped me by suggesting I added more honey to cut the bitterness. I will continue to make this all year but have since mixed the dressing into salad from the beginning as I prefer the coleslaw to be soggy! Cut down on sugar by half as my husband prefers less sweet dressings and it was wonderful! Yum! It is perfect as is. I don’t usually bother with the edamame because I don’t always have them on hand, but I do always add some chicken for added flavor and protein. It was refreshing, lite and the ginger gave it great zing. I’d like to bring this to a potluck next week, but I’d like to make it peanut free. Such a fabulous salad! Being to lazy to go get it I discovered this online. Overall, a delicious salad. I needed a summer dinner recipe quick! What do you suggest I use? WE ENJOYED IT WITH THE CHICKEN KABOBS ON THIS SITE AS WELL AS WITH OTHER GRILLED MEATS. I'd love to know how it turned out! Would not change a thing, thank you for sharing. Love the edamame in it. This was delicious! I’m bookmarking this and making it again ASAP. We stored the dressing separately so we could eat the rest for lunch tomorrow. It was the favorite of four salads (chicken salad, antipasto salad, Caesar salad and Thai Crunch Salad) that I made for a salad luncheon. Glad you like it, Robin! I caught him dipping his bread into the ‘sauce’ as he called it and gobbling it up.