This lesson provides a great introduction. Students will learn about all the different Gamelan instruments, and explore scales that give the music such a unique sound. listening and composition tasks in Chinese and African full Units of work. Our music teaching app has a massive song library where you can find music that will appeal to your students. All kinds of music can be valuable resources for teaching and learning. All Rights Reserved. I certainly didn’t know anything about an Erhu, a Guquin or a Pipa until I started preparing these lessons! Another country with an amazingly rich traditional culture – Japan has so many gifts to give us with music. Songs in a Minor Key. There is no need to stick to the genres that have traditionally been associated with music lessons, such as classical and baroque music. We’ve kept this as simple as possible, so that you can implement it with very little background knowledge or research. That there is a country that hosts a parade every year that attracts performance groups numbering in their thousands… with three hundred drummers in each group! Click here to find out more about the series and forthcoming resource books. This online magazine and resources site later mutated into World Music Central. In this lesson students will learn about the foot tapping, hand clapping infectious rhythm of Irish jigs that is so popular in many countries today. More will be added as the site develops. for this reason we discuss just one style found in the Caribbean – Calypso, and discover one of the most interesting instruments developed in the last hundred years – the steel drum. I’m not saying that we need to abandon teaching popular music style in favor of teaching about unusual cultures, however what I am saying is that somewhere in a general music students music education, exposing them to world music is extremely important. 4 genres of music from different parts of the world , 4 detailed Power Points with performing. This is a 6 week topic aimed at KS1 and KS2 to teach them about different music traditions from around the world. with key points bolded in a special font. Courses Courses home For prospective teachers For teachers For schools For partners. need for teaching world music, as well as ideas for the best ways to teach it. That there is a wind instrument that is made of wood and is six meters long, used in one part of Europe. We wanted to keep the topics specific and interesting to students in schools, while still providing an overview of world music in as concise a manner as possible. As with all our “Printable Music Lesson Plan” modules you can pick and choose what you want to teach, and use them whenever you need. Because these units are used for many different year levels we have provided a choice of three different assessments: Hopefully – absolutely nothing! Learn about music from around the world and find unique ways to share it with your K-10 students. Before I go on, I have to share with you some of our process in developing this unit of work, because it was somewhat different to our previous modules. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. please rate this as a means of feedback. Printable Music Lesson Plans Module You’ll know all the answers here with the answers to every single crossword and puzzle in the unit. Some resources can be found that demonstrate possible lesson plans and activities that are helpful in incorporating world music into a music lesson. “A World In Music – West Africa” is now available. This lesson resource includes beginner/easy level recorder sheet music and an Mp3 play-along recording. In the past we have found a team of wonderful writers, and we have instructed them to go out and research topics to bring together a fact sheet, lesson planning ideas and a fun style worksheet. Learn about music from around the world and find unique ways to share it with your K-10 students. The children will develop an understanding of the styles of music civilians and soldiers were listening to during the 1930's and 1940's including Vera Lynn, George Formby, Glenn Miller, Duke … Teaching Triplets in Music. You can print out as much as you need for your teaching. We’ve done all the hard work for you so that you can just have a quick read through and get ready to present the material to your students. The arts can help to develop understanding and acceptance, and music engages students through direct experience with music and  culture. Mexico in central America has a very interesting musical tradition. SIX Tips to Gain Students’ Attention in Your Music … Possibly one of the most important lessons of this module, as it gives some of the background of many of the Latin American dance styles that are so popular today. The increasingly influential chart was envisioned in the Spring of 2015 by Ángel Romero (World Music Central/Músicas del Mundo, USA), Araceli Tzigane and Juan Antonio Vázquez (Mundofonías, Spain) … What age level is this material suitable for? Ask here for questions about the site, products, or about sourcing items you may be trying to find. listening and composition tasks in Chinese and African full ... International Resources Music Fun has been creating and producing quality music teaching resources since 1991 and these have proven very popular with music teachers in Primary and High Schools, and with private teachers throughout Australia, New Zealand and around the world. Canada     B0S 1A0. If we had to seek out the copyright permission to distribute recordings of each one of the artists involved the product would probably cost ten times the amount it does now. Get 14 Prepared lessons on the subject of World Music and save yourself hundreds of hours lesson preparation time! The Gamelan orchestra’s of Java and Bali are one of the most fascinating world music styles that one can be exposed to. they get it stamped once i have looked over that country's information. Students will learn about the different regions of Europe, and the different instruments and musical styles that are prevalent in each region. There is even opportunity for students to play their own percussion instruments in Gamelan scales! This is aligned perfectly with the included powerpoint presentations which are demonstrated below. World Music festivals are held in many different countries, and there is probably one near you! 14 prepared ready-to-use lessons with all materials, When researching and beginning the process of putting together these lessons I learned a huge amount about this topic that I didn’t know.. and it took us hundreds of hours work to bring together all the different experts that we asked to contribute. We found some wonderful writers from India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Spain and Europe, and we brought them all together with some of our best writers to come up with the drafts. The general result of this project concludes that world music is most effectively taught by combining music objectives with world music samples. 59 Pickup Road RR#2 If you’re teaching a unit on world music you may well need a completion assessment or final test or exam. Resources Resources home Early years / Pre-K and Kindergarten Primary / Elementary Middle school Secondary / High school Whole school Special Educational Needs Blog. 4 genres of music from different parts of the world , 4 detailed Power Points with performing. s1 pupils use this as their workbook and as we learn about different world music types - pupils fill in the booklet with either words and/or pictures. We have prepared Powerpoint slides ready for you to load into your data projector or use with your digital whiteboard. About Music Fun. Because the scope of the topic is so wide we know that there may be different opinions on what should or shouldn’t be included. The store will have a variety of teaching materials and examples, some by WorldMusic Education Resources, and others that can be purchased here or through links to other sources. This is a 6 lesson topic exploring the music listened to and played during World War 2. How much do I need to know about World Music? The presentations work hand-in-hand with the “fill in the blanks” fact-sheets so that students can run through the material with the teacher in the class, and fill in the important key information on their fact sheet at the same time. For every lesson you can use the regular fact sheet, OR… You can have a “fill in the blanks” factsheet where students will have to fill in key points during the lesson. You will find helpful links, and have a chance through the forum to learn from other teachers and contribute your own ideas. I think its because it is quite simply too much work to prepare. Students should be able to be self directed in their learning with the worksheets, and these answer pages will certainly help the teacher! Sign-up to get the latest news and update information. We have resource materials to get you started, and recordings and videos to enrich areas you are already discovering. Once again we started with the idea of “West Indian music”, and found the subject way too broad given the differences and range of influences around the Caribbean islands. Just what are the defining factors that makes something “World Music”? Click here to join our next online training session to see how the Fun Music Company curriculum program can help in your music teaching in 2019.