1 month ago. Topping MX3 is a nice small box packed with many functions. Specs say it can output 20W per channel so you can connect a wide range of passive speakers to it. Eyecandy. (It's at a pawn shop) I'd use the RCA out and connect it my JDS amp. I have the Topping VX3; the MX3 is supposed to be the successor to it, with more power and the addition of a DAC. u/daversa. I'm seriously considering to get the Topping MX3, as you may know, it's technically inferior than the DX3 Pro, but it has the same functionality overall. Usually ships within 6 days. However, I'm not partial to the LCD display on the MX3 and prefer the clean look of the VX3. First of all, It’s a D class integrated amplifier. However, a local deal for a used MX3 has come up for about $60, possibly down to around $40. Get 5 points for every eligible dollar you spend on products. 39. I've been looking for a desktop DAC to go along with my amp, and was looking at the Topping E30. 1 Review Available: In Stock Price: $110.49 $129.99. $149.99. Eyecandy. I have my amp driving a pair of Polk S10. $110.49. I like the VX3 because it had two inputs plus a headphone output, and I like the range of inputs/outputs on the MX3. Topping MX3 DAC with built-in Bluetooth receiver headphone amp Digital amplifier. u/daversa. Thanks. 1 month ago. Close. Topping MX3 Built-in Bluetooth Receiver DAC Headphome Amp Digital Amplifier (Black) 4.1 out of 5 stars 18. It also has an integrated DAC chip with all kinds of digital inputs. I just bought a Topping MX3 … S.M.S.L SA300 HiFi Digital Amplifier, Infineon's New Technology Class D Power Amp Chip, Bluetooth 5.0 APTX, Multiple EQ Modes with Remote Control (Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars 303. I just bought a Topping MX3 and I'm totally blown away. My question is, is the DAC in the MX3 any good, or should I just pony up the extra for the E30? So you're getting even less DAC and headphone amp for your money then if it did not have that. Crossposted by. I just bought a Topping MX3 and I'm totally blown away. r/BudgetAudiophile • Posted by. Click to expand... That's not an accurate way to think of it. The MX3 also has speaker amplification built-in. Members who purchase earn550 Rewards Points, And Two-year Warranty Earn $5 in credit every 500 points.