When your whole house is on wheels, if something goes wrong it’s coming out of your pocket, not the agency or the landlord. For example, if your assignments require a car and you are close enough to the assignment location to bring your own, having your own car may prevent you from needing to rent one. Your first assignment might not be perfect. You can choose a car that fits your lifestyle (some nurses want an SUV for long weekend trips or a Prius for low gas consumption and lower costs) and your travel nursing adventures. hbspt.forms.create({ Want to speak with someone who knows about the intricacies of getting travelers to their assignments, no matter where they are? As a nurse new to your assignment city, it's important to figure out ways to get around once you’re there. Renting a car for your travel nursing assignment is the most convenient method of transportation for travel nurses who don’t want to drive to their assignments. On the other hand, if no public transportation is available, you will be forced to rent a vehicle, which can be expensive. In fact, depending on the length of your assignment, it may be more costly than having your car shipped. To find out whether a given assignment requires a car, speak with y… Everything you might need will be stowed in your vehicle, making traveling a bit more cumbersome. Thank you for your information. i always take my car. Just make sure your RV is up for towing a car cross-country. However, you can still find plenty to do with the money you’re saving on housing! If you usually drive to your assignments, owning a car may be beneficial. If so, you will be able to get around easily without a car. For example, if your assignments require a car and you are close enough to the assignment location to bring your own, having your own car may prevent you from needing to rent one. Be aware that shipping a car cross-country can be very expensive, but these costs may be outweighed by the amount that you would spend on hotels, food, and car maintenance along the way if you drove yourself to your assignment. Deciding whether or not to purchase or keep a car as a travel nurse can be challenging. What is salary like as a travel nurse? The holidays may be a great time to try Travel Nursing to see if it is a fit for you. A team member will be in touch with you soon. … Saving money on housing. However, if your assignment is too far to bring your own car, you may be forced to rent a car anyway. To find out whether a given assignment requires a car, speak with your recruiter. }); Subscribe to be notified of updates to the MSO blog. You will also usually attend to patients suffering from medical emergencies, such as heart attack and accident victims. Since there is often an increased need for travel nurses during the holiday season pay rates can be higher. No more worrying about finding a place that’s pet-friendly or trying to sneak your furry friend in under the radar. Here are some cool transportation apps perfect for traveling nurses.Transportation can be a challenge for travel nurses This requirement may affect your decision in several different ways. i live in south FL and generally take contracts on the west coast...ive done 3 round trips in a fiat and 1 in a nissan murano. Traveling light isn’t an option when your home is on wheels. Transportation Options for Travel Nurses Travel Nursing Using an RV. Less hassle with pets. If vehicle ownership is relatively affordable for you, it may be worth it to spring for your own car. Hi!I am looking to start travel nursing soon and have a question regarding car transportation. Renting a … These cars will allow you to explore the area and drive to and from work, without the high costs that come with shipping a car. With FirstLight Home Care’s Travel Companion Program, our extraordinary senior assistance services provide exceptional care and companionship during your or your elderly loved one’s travels. Breakdowns are your responsibility. Many nurses are looking for time off during the holidays. It’s also worth considering that some rental agencies have restrictions on where cars can be driven (e.g. Do you typically accept assignments within driving distance of your home, or will you be more likely to fly to your assigned locations? This could be for a holiday, hospital admission/discharge, shopping, or VIP escort. * MTC will abide by all COVID-19 regulations on a global scale. If you accept only one or two short assignments each year, owning your own vehicle may be more beneficial. To calculate this, consider the up-front cost of shipping your own car compared to the ongoing costs of car rental per week of your travel assignment. i cant get away with biking or getting a ride to work since im cath lab and need to be at the hospital real quick. For nurses who want the full immersive experience, you may be a little let down. Some travel nurses spend more time on assignment than others. When travel nursing becomes a full-time lifestyle, you should make sure that you’re doing the best you can to minimize extra travel expenses and hassle for yourself. Some of the costs associated with car ownership include: In some locations, you may also have to pay for a place to park your car, especially if you will be leaving it in one place for a long period of time. As a travel nurse, you are likely to spend a large portion of each year in locations far from your established home. There are many benefits to renting a car for your travel nursing assignment. However, if owning a car will be a significant financial burden, it may be better for you to rely on alternatives to vehicle ownership. | 800-736-8773, Travel Nurse/Allied Professional Benefits, The cost of the vehicle itself (purchase price), The cost of financing (interest payments). In addition to these generous travel nurse salaries, travel assignments with us include group health, life, dental and vision insurance including day 1 options; free private housing; potential completion bonuses; license reimbursement; travel allowances, and more. As a travel nurse, it may or may not be beneficial for you to own your own car, depending on the circumstances. How do travel nurses facilitate all their travel? Our MSO recruiters are standing by to answer any and all questions you have. This requirement may affect your decision in several different ways. Length of assignments Travel nursing assignments are typically 13-26 weeks in length, sometimes more, sometimes less. See other high-demand travel nurse specialties. Name. Part of this process includes choosing how to travel to your next travel assignment, as well as finding transportation once you arrive. Below you can learn about the basics as we answer the most frequently asked questions about travel nursing. Enquire Now! Travel nursing assignments are available for multiple specialities, but some specialties like ICU and Oncology are more in demand. And, while providing excellent patient care won’t change, there are a lot differences between being a travel nurse versus a staff nurse. quotes to ship my car that distance are between 1200-1600$. }); hbspt.forms.create({ Travel nursing is a great way to advance your career and earn great pay while traveling the country. Most of all, travel nursing requires skilled and dedicated nurses who are strong, confident, and who put patients first. I currently have a car lease so driving my car cross country to California is not an option. The only payments you will have to make for housing in your new location are RV park fees! Travel nursing can be a very lucrative profession. E-mail. You take everything, everywhere. Will your vehicle be safe while you are away? formId: "1dcd6695-225d-4aca-9087-941aa9206abf" As mentioned earlier, Zipcar and Turo are both solid options for nurses who don’t want to drive to their assignments but want the freedom of a car once they arrive. Do you need to rent a car? Even if you travel 10 months out of the year, you will still be spending some time at home. If you must pay for storage, how much will it cost? Here are a few of the reasons RVs are an attractive option to travel nurses: However, RVs are not the right choice for every travel nurse. Going Home Medical is a leading international provider of highly skilled, licensed and experienced flight nurses and in-flight medical practitioners for patients and families in need of practical medical transportation and dedicated medical escort assistance worldwide. For example, how do you get to work? However, if your assignment is too far to bring your own car, you may be forced to rent a car anyway. Below are some of the most common travel options for the travel nurse lifestyle. Here a few things to consider when deciding on whether to make the jump: If you’re leasing a car and want to avoid putting too many miles on it or are generally unsure about how your current car will hold up on a cross-country road trip, you might be interested in shipping your car to your travel nursing location.