Since installing conventional 12 inch or so subwoofers are out of question; I needed something Small and Discreet yet powerful enough to get nice Bass. There is no limitation for them like gigantic subwoofers have. This is a true all in one subwoofer system with the sub in the enclosure, and a top of the line amp built in. Find the right place to mount ; You need to get a suitable place in your vehicle to mount your sub. There’s a duct under there that unless you removed it, would probably be in the way. After a lot of research, I chose the Alpine PSE-S8 and I am pleased with the results. The amplifier is built in, so installation and wiring is easy and clean. Most underseat subwoofers include all the important elements of a sub system in a single package. Under seat subwoofers usually come in small size since there isn't much room under a car seat. JL Audio and SSV Works make sub enclosures that mount between the rear fender well and back seat, The JL comes with a 10” sub, and with the SSV you can get just the enclosure. It does not mean that you have to take all the seats out. Before you can install your sub, however, there are a few things you need to do. The first step to install the subwoofer under the car seat is to take out the seats from the car. Easy to install and manage. It will take a pre-amp signal from my new aftermarket head. -Zip tied it to run across center console then went under it to the front passenger seat. This sub enclosure is only 2.9" thick so that it can easily fit under your seat. Hi, I've ordered a small 8" under-seat powered subwoofer (Rockville 100W SS8P). Underseat car subwoofers come with easy to install feature. Use screw wrench to open all the screws of the car seat so that you can work properly and efficiently. 1) Where to install? That's where the need for Mr.Brain Comes in! I've never installed an amp before so I'm looking for tips. Good luck! Hello, I am wanting to install 2 pioneer active preloaded subs in my pickup under the rear seat and not sure how to do it. The bigger subs are more difficult to install under your seat which is why many people decide to install them behind your seat. An under-seat subwoofer is a great option to get more bass without taking up lots of space in the trunk. The bigger the sub, the more power it can handle and a great power handling ability means more bass and greater volume. Size does have an outcome on performance. Take out those seats under which you want to install a subwoofer. Will I have to run a power wire and remote to each sub or can it be ran consecutively somehow, and should I run the speaker signal from the side the subs are on(ie: passenger side signal to passenger side sub etc). Alpine PWE-S8 Underseat Subwoofer Step By Step Install On the 5th Gen 4Runner. Affordable price tag. The stock 4Runner sound system may not have enough bass for your preferences. So, space is really not a big deal when it comes to these subwoofers, you can install them anywhere you feel convenient. You just have to place it at the specific place and fix it with stripes. XUV 500 is a 7 seater, Good looking SUV but has hardly any boot space with all Seats up. Smaller in size. Rockville RW10CA 10" 800 Watt Under-Seat Slim Amplified Car Subwoofer +Wire Kit $119.95 SoundBox Connected 8 Gauge Amp Kit Amplifier Install Wiring Complete 8 Ga Wire How To Install An Underseat Subwoofer. Underseat?car subwoofers normally come in smaller sizes and are specially made for small cars.