When stretched from the container to the pot, the cord wicks water down to the plant's soil on a gradual basis. It’s not a new gardening hack, old school gardeners have been doing this trick to water plant from a long time. The grass will often reward you with a further harvest. Don't Miss: How to Care for Air Plants (& Decorate with Them) You also can get super-crafty and set up a DIY watering system with a container full of water and a nylon cord or shoelace. Checklist Fill a jar, cup or bottle full of water and place next to your pot, positioning it out of direct sunlight, and elevated so that the mouth of the container is higher than the base of the plant. This is a temporary measure just to help reduce the amount of water a plant needs while on vacation. Kirkland Signature Create-a-Size Paper Towels, 2-Ply, 160 Sheets, 12-count White 2-Ply160 Sheets Per Roll12-pack1,026 Total Sq. Ft. May 18, 2020 - If you're going on vacation for a few days and don't have a way to keep your indoor plants watered, you can actually keep them alive with some paper towels and a glass of water. Soaker Methods. Then move them to a bright light area. Another clever method of keeping plants hydrated whilst you are away is using a water wick, which is especially good for indoor plants. Sprinkle water on the seeds twice a day and wait six to eight days before you harvest the wheat grass. Cut if off just above the root and juice it. When dealing with outdoor plants without a drip system, a soaker hose is another great option to keep your garden moist. You can use a long candle wick for this, or if it’s unavailable, shoelace or cotton rope will also do the job.. Take a large container and fill it with water. Check the wheat berries daily and remove the paper towel when you see green sprouting from the seeds. We tested paper towel brands including Bounty, Viva, and Brawny to find the best paper towels that are strong, absorbent, and also soft to pick up wet messes. 10. Place it close to your plant pot.