Does anyone know what this is? Do you have weeds or plants that look like rhubarb in your garden? Emily, very nice description. Weeds That Look Like Rhubarb: How Can I Identify Them? As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site may earn from qualifying purchases. To identify wild rhubarb from real rhubarb you need to check its stalks. While they're both high in antioxidants, they promote health in different areas of your body. Wild rhubarb is also known as common burdock and it is commonly mistaken for rhubarb because of its appearance. We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites. Doug. On top of the stems are many branches with flowers that are red or purple. It is a name that refers to several plants, many of which are incorrectly named. This plant, however, is considered a prolific weed that often finds its way into home gardens. Knowing what this plant looks like is very important because it is very deadly. There are a lot of weeds including invasive and resilient ones that can easily grow in your garden or near your home. Although you might think that this is some sort of exotic rhubarb variety, you might want to think twice before eating them. Control: Mulch garden areas in spring to prevent weeds. You cannot ignore it, the huge plant with dark green leaves can be noticeable among other plants. It also has leaves that have hairy or wooly undersides. Rhubarb is also used in medicine due to the claims that it can be used in lowering cholesterol levels of the body. Yard Lover Gifts They Really Want for Christmas! I know that there are millions of people out there want their backyard and garden be attractive just like their front yard, so I am here to help you create your own backyard paradise. The rhubarb plant is rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the body, which is why it is consumed despite its sour taste. Tip Burdock, prickly rhubarb, skunk cabbage, pokeweed and poison hemlock are examples of weeds that can look like rhubarb. Over the years, a lot of plants were mistakenly called the rhubarb due to similarities in their appearance. Wild rhubarb has hollow stalks. Rhubarb is also used in medicine due to the claims that it can be used in lowering cholesterol levels of the body. But unlike real rhubarb, they are inedible to say the least. Some of the common plants that are confused for rhubarb includes. Before you go wondering what sorcery is at work, other plants look like rhubarb, but just because they look like it doesn’t mean they have the same properties as the plant. As a matter of fact, there are home gardeners out there who willing let some of these “rhubarb” grow freely in their yard simply because they thought that they were growing something beneficial. a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Most people add it as part of a dish, blend it into a jam, especially for use as a dessert. The mature leaves of Burdock are less curly than rhubarb, and the undersides of the leaves are "wooly" or "hairy", unlike rhubarb. No19 Thu 22-May-08 09:38:53. Weeds That Look Like Rhubarb: How Can I Identify Them?The Wild RhubarbThe Poison HemlockThe Prickly RhubarbConclusion. These plants are well-suited for growing in waterside areas, such as … Some of them are not just poisonous when ingested, they are also dangerous to touch. You should be aware that there are limited studies to ascertain the claims of the benefits. Poison hemlock for example, is a weed that looks like rhubarb and is something that you should never eat or touch with your bare hands. If you want to try and harvest them in your garden or in other places, you definitely need to know what you are doing. In. Also known as the spinach rhubarb, this plant is often mistaken for the real deal. This plant also resembles rhubarb especially to the untrained eyes because it has long stalks. Ingestion of this weed can lead to dizziness, slowed heart rate and death. There are actually a lot of other plants that resemble rhubarb. Rhubarb is used as part of a dish despite its sour taste due to its high nutritional content. The stalks of Burdock are hollow, while the stalks of rhubarb are solid. The best way to differentiate it from real rhubarb is by taking a closer look at its stems. You would swear that it is the garden rhubarb due to the thick and bright red leaf stems similar to the edible rhubarb. You can find the rhubarb plant mostly in temperate regions with high mountains. When allowed to grow, it will produce bristled burrs which can cause problems if it penetrates your skin. To help you know more, here are some weeds that look like rhubarb. Although it can look like rhubarb at first glance, this plant is considered a weed because it is not edible and some people think that they are not suited to grow on fruit or vegetable gardens. As a matter of fact, all of the parts of the poison hemlock is very toxic and you should never touch it, let alone try to eat it. The plants do well in winter weather, which is why they are not common in the Middle East and Africa, due to the absence of cold winters. Allow trained individuals to teach you how to identify real rhubarb and never try to guess if they are safe to eat or not. The rhubarb is a herbaceous plant that is used in medicine to treat certain conditions. The root appears stout and yellow. Difference Between Burdock and Rhubarb | There are a lot of varieties of the rhubarb plant, but the most common one is the garden rhubarb that is used for culinary purposes. The stems are tall and hollow, and unlike rhubarb’s red stems, these stems have purple spots. I was looking for the lookalike for I forgotten it’s name. is used in medicine to treat certain conditions. My family has always loved rhubarb and we have several plants. Its large domineering size makes it a good plant to use as a shade, or in protecting other garden plants. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you must eat any of the rhubarbs, ensure that it is the garden rhubarb to be on the safe side. The dish tastes sour, which is why it is flavored to improve the taste. In a study carried out on men, it was discovered to have provided a positive result. A lot of gardeners ask this question once they begin to notice weeds in their gardens that look like rhubarb. Pull oxalis weeds by hand or spray weeds with a postemergence herbicide in spring or fall. As a matter of fact, it is considered toxic and has a diuretic effect. I’m pretty sure that final photo of “rhubarb” is Swiss chard. However, unlike rhubarb, this plant is considered an invasive weed and it can easily thrive in your garden. Where ever I see a burdock plant growing, I feel confident that a rhubarb plant can grow there as well.