If you don't like drinking water, look into sport drinks like Gatorade or PowerAde. When you take whey protein, it is rapidly absorbed and floods the muscles with protein and nutrients! Even the ones with steroids get mediocre results. This leaves the top ten with no money, no stuff, and no recognition! When helping out the young bodybuilders, avoid being cocky and arrogant, but instead try to be as helpful and as kind as you possibly can. This will limit your fat and crap intake, and will increase your metabolism and size. If you were to ask a random person to name a professional bodybuilder, they will probably say Arnold Schwarzenegger and maybe if you're lucky, Ronnie Coleman. It's great tasting, and fast absorbing! You cannot let emotional stresses bring you down, as this will also bring down the quality of your workout. It's up to you to push through this barrier and still give the weights all of your own motivation. Also, considering the fact that other teams and sports still get paid and sponsored millions of dollars per year, you only get money for the first, second, and third-place winners, and sometimes only the first! But there are moments that you can never replace, so remember to always incorporate bodybuilding into your life. As far as bulking goes, your going to want to eat clean. Excellent article and that too very simply explained. It is imperative that your body is taking in enough calories for growth, period. Ahhhh ... my favorite! However, what works best what helps you the best. The first and most used option is to look into a pre workout supplement. The only ones that are truly getting richer are the shareholders and the management. Some good ways to gain confidence about your bodybuilding gains is to be helpful to young bodybuilders, showing them the ropes to achieve your success. To be the biggest person you can be, while still achieving muscularity and balance? Reduce cardio, and up weightlifting. Genetics inevitably play a huge part in our lives. Xplode for a good Nitric Oxide product and Gaspari Nutrition Size ON for a good creatine product. This includes eating enough nutrient-dense calories to fuel your body. It's important to keep yourself surrounded by positive forces and the ones who support you. Consistency is not restrained to just training either, this also applies to diet. Achieve Bodybuilding Success Compared to other sports, how difficult is it for one to achieve success in the bodybuilding sport? When you step into the gym, you need to let all of your worries out of your mind and focus on one thing, and one thing only. Now when eating carbs, you're will want to eat foods that contain good carbs. I not only reached 175, but went to 185, and over a year's time, I now weigh 205. Injected with steroids and drugs-Those with the best supplements and drugs make it to the top; endorsing products they use, coupled with many years of training, makes it difficult and puts pressure on other bodybuilders. Muscles don't just get big overnight. Don't be afraid to lose weight though. I take ON 100% Whey before and after my workouts to flood my body with proteins to be in an anabolic state. To pull off the bodybuilding illusion, you need wide shoulders and small hips. There are a lot of teens out there who think that creatine is a banned substance and is barely legal. Sometimes bodybuilders don't like to be critiqued or be told they are doing something wrong. As long as you are staying within your caloric needs, taking in more protein than necessary should not pose a problem at all. We trade our time for money. This is not for the light-hearted ... you may spend this much work and get last place. The same applies to natural bodybuilding, although to a smaller degree. You want to stick to doing 1-to-2 heavy compound exercises, and 1 isolation exercise per body part, and keep this ratio if you are to do more exercises. We want mostly unsaturated fats, a few great sources are fish such as salmon, oils such as olive oil, and foods such as natural peanut butter. Another top bodybuilders supplement, creatine is an amino acid found in the body. This makes the product an important one as soon as you get done lifting. Some people can lose weight faster than others such as ectomorphs compared to endomorphs or mesomorphs. Understand what you can offer the bodybuilding community that is unique. Creatine regenerates ATP in your body; giving you additional energy bursts for a short period of time. You need discipline if you want to succeed in the sport of bodybuilding. Having good decision-making skills can save your life and take you to the top. However, TRUE bodybuilding did not come until the time of Eugene Sandow, who literally competed for size, and started the phenomenon of size building. Going out partying four times per week will not yield optimum results. Milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs ... the perfect combination! Always remember "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Everyday, you will encounter people who mock you for being a bodybuilder; whether you are too big or too small. Lower body: Bodyweight Pistols vs. Barbell Squats. However, don't go too crazy, and remember to have a balanced diet. Most of your growth aside from relaxation and sleep, comes from what you put in your body. Fatty acids, fat from peanuts, nuts, and beans, and fat from other things of like, is good for you! The ability to take constructive criticism can determine how far you will go in this bodybuilding business. If you are not in a position to collect the profits of your labor, you don’t benefit much from working hard. However, red meat comes with lots of fat, and often is put as bad stuff. By doing so, you will become more confident about your bodybuilding gains and you will also become a better person. Instead, they provide long lasting energy that does have an after effect. Bodybuilders already require a large amount of calorie intake – and an intense labor job can boost that number up to such a high degree that it is impossible to recover. It helps with every mission, and building muscle does not make an exception. Massive amounts of growth hormone and testosterone are secreted and this is what will make you body grow! When you sleep, that is when your body is under repair and maintenance. Fruits are a vital part of the weight-gaining, weight losing, and muscle-building process. Red meat is muscle, and is the muscle of some legendary power animals! It's crucial to keep yourself around people who accept and support your goals as well. 2nd Place - Blink41 View This Author's BodySpace Here. Third, would be branched chain amino acids. Poverty is simply not anabolic. To do this, take your body part, such as your legs, and workout with them, 1-day per week, with one compound exercise, and do this with many exercises, over a period of time, and measure your legs before and after each exercise, look for devolvement and definition, and measure and take pictures of them at the beginning of the week, and at the end of the week. You don't want to lose any of your hard-earned muscle-so don't aim for losing weight! Bodybuilding is highly misunderstood. No matter what gym you go to, you will see clients coming in and training biceps 3+ times a week. all you need is love, its all in the MANTRA. If you have a hard time gaining fat regardless of your poor nutritional habits, consider yourself very lucky. However, if you aspire to be a full-blown professional bodybuilder, you will have to be almost immune to the negative effects of the drugs. More about confidence here! Unlike simple carbohydrates, they do not leave you depressed after an hour or so. If you don't have access to weights or are limited in weights, then you will NOT succeed. I recommend a fairly simple product such as Optimum Nutrition's BCAA 5000 or another extremely popular product: SciVation Xtend, which contains glutamine for boosted recovery. Also, meatloaf and occasionally steak can contain good amounts. It's not easy to get into the sport of bodybuilding; there are so many preconceived notions about bodybuilders these days. Your email address will not be published. Good lean red meat is home-made hamburgers, brisket, and homemade tacos. I cannot stress the importance of eating 6-8 meals per day and drinking 1-1.5 gallon of water per day. Simply put, if you want to win in this sport, you have to be HUGE. I have tried a few products concerning nitric oxide. What people don't realize, is if they go to the gym regularly to workout and get bigger, they themselves are bodybuilders.