If you want a slightly worn look to your floor, this may be the surface texture you are looking for. Create a sophisticated space … As the name suggests the cathedral graining is accentuated with a rustic whitewashed look. French Oak Hardwood Flooring: French Oak is considered one of the most exquisite wood species and it plays a significant role in French wine making. See more ideas about French oak, White oak, Oak. Lifetime Maintainable Finish, Lifetime Residential Structural, Subscribe me to the Garrison Collection's monthly email newsletter. All Rights Reserved. Natural White Oak hardwood floors are one of the best species if you are considering a distressed wood floor. Architects and engineers know that oak cut past a specific part of the Appalachian mountains is not going to be as hard, durable and stable as that of its northern counterparts. We have a wonderful selection of lightly and more intense stained washed white finished flooring available from stock Save Up to 60% on real wood, laminate and vinyl flooring, internal doors and accessories. The higher tannin reacts better in the aging process, giving the wood a beautiful patina and time-worn look. This will impact the overall performance and longevity of your floor, as well as its durability and aesthetic. The choice is entirely based on your aesthetic and preferences as quality White Oak takes stain very well when prefinished or site finished as long as it’s applied correctly. Did you know that in the late 1700s, America’s first wooden warships used White Oak, including the U.S.S. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. © 2020 Garrison Collection. Lush as the French countryside, elegant as a Parisian apartment, and as modern as the St. Tropez boardwalk – fall in love with the French Connection! American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry) or pines, which typically have orange or reddish undertones. White floors do not work well with reddish woods (e.g. Constitution, whose sides were entirely made of this hardwood and not iron? Hand-Scraped Edges may be the right texture if you are considering a relaxed look and using planks over 7″ wide. Light wood floors continue to be a hot trend in hardwood flooring, especially on White Oak. And as you can see, it’s not just shades of brown anymore! European Oak Vintage White Wash. White Oak is a closed-grain wood with many of its pores plugged with Tyloses, making it more resistant to water, decay, and rot. Mit dem weichen Weißton von White Washed Oak aus unserer Van Gogh Holzkollektion entstehen moderne Innenräume mit elegantem Touch. Occasionally, you’ll find some with ash or hickory. Increasing in popularity, the brushed wood texture will make new floorboards look like they have been lived on for generations, adding character and a sense of heritage to the floors. Each straight edge plank features a Uniclic profile for fast and easy installation, which can be done by practically any DIYer. Above: These test boards were bleached twice. But if you love the look, they are worth it! You’ll find oak flooring from around the world, but Europe, America, and China are the main exporters. French Oak is considered one of the most exquisite wood species and it plays a significant role in French wine making. This Legno 7″ x 48″ x 8mm Oak Laminate Flooring in Kansas Ash offers a classy, modern interpretation of French oak. Quality affordable flooring. Capturing all the characteristics of France, this luxurious and contemporary French Oak engineered collection by Hurford Flooring has been carefully chosen to complement any space. including the U.S.S. European Oak Vintage White Wash. It comes in red oak or white oak. It’s a specialty item, so do not expect to find it at a big box store or a hardware store. Look for characteristics like tight growth rings, high heart content, and long lengths, which show the wood came from the center of old, mature timbers. The surface is wire brushed by hand for added texture and finished with an eco-friendly oil finish. Our French Oak hardwood flooring uses only Oak from France because it has higher tannin content than any other Oak around the world. Above: The floors after two rounds of wood bleach. Natural White Oak hardwood flooring is best known for its durability, which depends on the type of tree it came from and where it was cut from on the tree. This has the same handcrafted process as our Footworn surface, with the undulations being softer in appearance and underfoot yet still creating an aged, timeless look. admiral oak uf1927, calico oak uf1675, cellar oak uf1677, desert oak uf1577, flint oak uf1575, heathered oak uf1574, lamplight oak uf1928, malted tawny oak uf1548, manor oak uf1999, mocha oak uf1578, old twn oak uf1935, sunkissed oak uf1676, white wash oak uf1667 made in usa 12mm thick / 1/2 inch 7.5 inch wide 54 11/32 long 16.93 sq. One of the most challenging decisions to make is what color to stain your White Oak hardwood floor or simply leave it au natural with a clear finish. As the name suggests the cathedral graining is accentuated with a rustic whitewashed look. Medium wood floors are the perfect balance between light and dark wood flooring and, in terms of investment, will appeal to most home-buyers if you ever decide to sell. A more subtle version of our Footworn texture is Timeworn. Here at Carlisle, we love our White Oak hardwood flooring as much as anyone. Elegant/Première Oak White Wash has a dusting of white, which softens the natural Oak tones and brings a light and airy feel to any space. Natural White Oak floors are a staple of the flooring market and known for their durability, resilience, and versatility.