Pokemon Sword/Shield random freezes upon forced saving. Pokemon sword glitch on yuzu I can't really put different clothes other than the initial ones. Got Pokemon Sword up and running however i’m getting appalling FPS / speed while it’s only using a fraction of my CPU/GPU. I bought different ones in the first clothing store, then it worked, but as soon I got into the whole gym scene, the boy stayed with old red blouse forever( I went to the store, tried putting clothes or … Since I've been playing this game a lot, I noticed a weird possible bug with saving: the game forces you to save before certain randomly generated events to prevent reloading (activating wish wells, asking digging duo for treasures, and in new DLC when you use Cram-o-matic). Yuzu emulator is one of the best Nintendo Switch emulator out there, you can install it in you PC and load the game file to play the game on your computer. Cpu useage never goes above 25% ish, GPU never goes above 25% ish. Pokemon Sword and Shield were Nintendo's biggest titles of 2019 – and now you can play them on PC. Plus, a small annoyance - when playing SWSH with Vulkan, I cannot reset or stop emulation - it will always crash yuzu, so I have to essentially restart it. Hi all, New to Yuzu but been emulating for many years so roughly know what i’m doing. And I've noticed that perhaps in 30-50% of cases, when … Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra are coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield in the coming months, but non-Switch owners can now play the base games fully via the Yuzu Emulator. Switching it to OpenGL fixes that, but of course lowers the quality Pokemon Sword & Shield - Weird graphical glitch: November 17, 2019: January 18, 2020: Pokémon SwSh Box screen not rendering properly: November 16, 2019: January 18, 2020: No 3D output in Sword/Shield on AMD: November 16, 2019: November 23, 2019: Pokemon Sword & Shield - Running in Tall Grass isn't possible: November 15, 2019: October 10, 2020 By far, Pokemon Sword and Shield is only available for Nintendo Switch users but the game can also be played on a computer which has a Nintendo Switch emulator installed.