By combining a 4-Week Kit with these additional products, you can ensure that you have 2,000 calories per day available to you during emergency situations. Ever since we started out making this delicious survival food many years ago as "Food4Patriots," we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping you be ready - for anything. Founded in Nashville, TN, this company produces products that can help them on their journey to self-reliance. When comparing 4Patriots to its competitors, you’ll find lots of alternatives. I believe I did the right thing.". The call were I did manage to get through was a bunch of run around, was told to call customer service, even though the # I had just reached that person at was the customer service #. Delicious veggies & grains are the starting point for the meals in your 4Patriots Survival Food Kit. All were full of air. Did not get cell charger. I'm very frustrated with the way you do business, You have no problem answering the phone to place an order but when someone needs support about an existing /previous order it is impossible to get through and even when I managed to back door my way in, I was given the run-around. I am proud to support an American company who in turn supports several other organizations for our men and women in service! Nice try attempting to make this company look bad. Finally, we use a high-tech, high-capacity oxygen absorber to suck OUT any excess air. The list of naturally gluten-free foods is as follows: Authentic Red Beans; Aztec Chili with Mango; Creamy Rice & Vegetable Dinner; Classic Bean Chili; Classic Potato Soup; Cowboy Rice and Beans 4Patriots Survival Food is delicious, nutritious, good-for-25-year emergency food. For the most part, kits start around $27 but can be as high as $399, depending on the content and quantity. "Depending on where you get your info from — media, friends, whomever — it all adds up to trouble ahead. I used it once to charge my phone. The cost of 4Patriots food varies. All to protect the quality of your food. That’s a solid start to your food supply and it puts your family in a good position to get through the most common disaster situations. Storage conditions can impact the shelf life of your food. Founded in Nashville, TN, this company produces products that can help them on their journey to self-reliance. So today I tried a different approach I first called and pressed #2 to speak to someone about an order I had already placed after over 30 minutes I pressed the pound button "If you would like to receive a call back instead of waiting on hold. For the price, the peace of mind, it can’t be beat.". Also, they keep sending emails and texts touting their "wonderful" products. Will Compression Clothing Will Make You Thinner and Healthier? Each 4-Week Kit has 36,000 total calories (average 1,200 calories per day)* for energy and nutrients to survive a stressful emergency situation. If You're Looking for Peace of Mind, Start Here... America's Finest Mac & Cheese (4) Creamy Rice & Vegetable Dinner (4) Grammy's Sweet Oatmeal (8) 4Patriots is now one of the few Survival Food companies with food … help@4patriots.com800-304-4202, 2020 © 4Patriots LLC - All Rights Reserved. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your 4Patriots 3-Month Survival Food Kit, just return it within 365 days (that’s a full year) from the day of purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. You can purchase power cells or even a solar battery to power your home or solar cooker (a product also sold by 4Patriots). The secret is in the packaging: first, your food is preserved using state-of-the-art freeze-drying technology and a careful “low-heat” dehydration process. What do you have to cook that doesn’t require a refrigerator or oven? Tub with supplies, loose powdered milk all over it and all of the packetsNothing was vacuumed packed. The company sells an awesome tactical flashlight four pack. Did not receive. All you need is the power of the sun! Buy it, store it, and have it there, just in case. and their likelihood to supplement by acquiring additional foods (via fishing, hunting, gardening) during an emergency situation is different. THIS ORDER IS A DISAPPOINTING AND A MESS. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that with proper care… your “backup plan” will be delicious for many years to come. I was truly speechless. This is a slow and painstaking technique… but it’s worth it because you get incredible taste and nutrition, for a great value. Right now the need for Survival Food is more urgent than ever, so we may substitute recipes of similar quality and caloric value in order to expedite your kit. The return policy is also relatively straightforward. While none of our foods are Certified Gluten-Free as they are processed on shared machinery, many of our 4Patriots Survival Food Meals are naturally gluten-free. I was just looking for a decent review and found this ignorant article. A: Your 4Patriots survival food is designed to last 25 years on the shelf. 4Patriots Emergency Food Supply - 72-Hour Survival Kit - Freeze Dried Food - 25-Year Shelf Life - 16 Servings 4.5 out of 5 stars 441. This method of sealing helps keep shelf-life-damaging heat far away from your food. What a load of crap! This company sells all kinds of emergency food and equipment. 4Patriots Emergency Food Bars require no cooking, added water or heat source. There aren’t many complaints about 4Patriots, but one common issue is that the foods aren’t necessarily healthy or made of natural ingredients. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency … we use a high-tech, high-capacity oxygen absorber to suck OUT any excess air. The list of naturally gluten-free foods is as follows: Note: We've done our best to list naturally gluten-free foods here but want to reiterate that folks who are extremely sensitive to gluten should always use special care with food like ours that is produced on shared equipment. 1 of the 72hr. It's obvious — the time to be prepared for an emergency is NOW. It’s easily storable, it takes up barely any room. One of the customers’ favorite features of 4Patriots is the fact that the company donates significant amounts of its proceeds. You can also email at [email protected]. And an American-made packing machine packs your meals into triple-layer Mylar pouches. Each kit has 36,000 total calories (1,200 calories per day) for energy and nutrients to survive a stressful emergency … In fact, many varieties can last up to 25 years! Call 1-800-304-4204 for to speak with our friendly Customer Service team. Avoid prolonged exposure to temps above 75 degrees F. And keep your food sealed until you’re ready to eat it. The 25-year shelf life of your food and its packaging is dependent upon proper storage conditions. Although there are no air purifier options listed on the the website, you can find options for water filtration that can help get you through a serious emergency. The foods are calorie-dense, which is what you need in an emergency, but aren’t necessarily the best for you. 2920 Berry Hill Dr., Suite 300 Nashville, TN 37204This is the corporate office. And when it comes to the quality of your survival food, you can’t cut corners. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. A: YES! Now I've spent 2 days of my time for nothing except a bad headache and a very very bad taste for your company left in my mouth !! Want to know more? This commitment to excellence has made 4Patriots the “gold standard” in survival food. 4Patriots sells pre-packaged survival kits containing high quality dehydrated food that is claimed to remain fresh in “waterproof storage totes” for as long as 25 years. All made in the USA and sealed in triple-layer Mylar packages — the same material used to protect astronauts in outer space. It's the secret to staying delicious for up to 25 years! Thousands of real customers have given 4Patriots glowing, 5-star reviews for our survival food.