Pharmacy Access Notes: Statewide standing order form State Health Officer allows trained pharmacists to dispense naloxone to a person at risk, someone in a position to assist or to a first responder employed by law enforcement or fire department, wihtout a prescription. “Establishing a Standing Protocol for Naloxone in Arkansas will increase access to a proven life-saving measure that will benefit Arkansans struggling with substance abuse disorders that involve opioids,” said Kirk Lane, DHS state director of drug prevention. This standing order is issued pursuant to Act 2016‐307, which authorizes the State Health Officer to prescribe naloxone via standing order. AUTHORIZATION This standing order may be used as a prescription to obtain naloxone from a pharmacy in the The Naloxone Standing Protocol was developed pursuant to Act 284 of 2017 by Senators Cecile Bledsoe and Lance Eads and Representative Justin Boyd. “To reduce the chance of people dying, Governor Asa Hutchinson has issued a standing order allowing Arkansas-licensed pharmacists to sell naloxone to people who have friends and loved ones at risk of overdosing.” Arkansas Code Annotated 20-13-604 provides immunity from civil liability to those who administer naloxone during an overdose. A standing prescription from Secretary of Health Dr. Nate Smith allows Arkansans to request naloxone without a direct prescription from their doctor. creating standing orders for naloxone dispensing and distribution. III. In 2015, the Arkansas Legislature passed Act 1222, known as the Good Samaritan Act, to cover liability of the use of this substance by trained individuals. This standing order is one of the recommendations made recently by the National Opioid Task Force to President Trump as a necessary change to assist is the reducing the opioid epidemic. In Arkansas, naloxone is widely available in pharmacies.