Being ECFMG-certified is not the same as having an ECFMG number, which you get while in medical school to apply to take the USMLE step exams. Medical students who go to schools where a large portion of the Basic Science and/or Clinical Science curriculum is given via the internet, or distance-learning, are limited from getting licensed and practicing medicine in a large number of states. Hi Benji, thank you for your response! Many people consider the American University of Antigua the top medical school in the Caribbean and it ranks consistently highly in lists of the best medical schools. Is the school non-distance learning? 2) Accreditation … Hi Benji, Disclaimer: This ranking is based on my own personal research, and is meant to be informational. In this post we have ranked the best medical schools in the Caribbean, the ranking is based on how the students of each of the school succeed on the USMLE, residency matching, research and the school … Do you know whether UWI is accredited by WFME; or if UWI is seeking accreditation by Section WFME? MCAT scores are not needed as it is follows the British system where you can start the medical degree after high school with no undergraduate degree needed prior. Some schools are fully accredited, while there are other schools that are “provisionally accredited.” These schools are temporarily given accreditation pending certain requirements they need to satisfy before the next site visit, after which they may or may not be given full accreditation. If SJSM’s accreditation is currently under probation. In case they wont become wfme recognised. Short answer: it is not accredited in the United States, but it doesn’t mean graduates can’t practice in certain states. Schools can also be disapproved by California, further limiting their graduates from practicing in a few other states like North Dakota and Vermont. As a result of this, many students around the world choose the Caribbean medical schools over the American medical schools. At the time of this writing, graduates from schools not approved by California must practice 10 years outside of California before they can become eligible to practice in California. As of 2018, UWI has been added to the DOE list for financing. I note that UWI is not on the list of accredited schools, nor do I see any particular ranking. Please I need a reply soon. I am a student in Texila American University going to do clinical rotations in Chicago USA. Not all accrediting agencies accredit medical schools the same way – some have higher standards than others. If so, what would be the average acceptable score? Hello sir I checked you didn’t add Lincoln American university guyana in your website list plz tell me your opinion about Lincoln American university guyana. Contact Alex, caught the attention of federal regulators, St. George Medical School: excellent (in fact, they get preferential treatment over other schools). Is the school California approved? ), she misses the Caribbean and wants a different type of experience. I believe the school has a good future. However, it may be wise to proceed accordingly. UWI is not regularly applied to by Americans because it follows the British system and does not prepare you for the USMLE STEP exams. To be accredited means that a recognized, external accrediting agency has visited and evaluated the medical school and found that the quality of the education, administration, and facility meet the standards of accreditation. Please note that having a government charter and being listed in a medical school directory (i.e. To be NCFMEA-approved means that the accrediting body that accredited the medical school has been deemed by the US Department of Education’s National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation to have accreditation standards on par with LCME, which accredits US and Canadian medical schools. Saba 4. I don’t understand where exactly I will be able to work. Thanks for publishing this informative guide! Fisrt of all, tha k you for this blog, iy’s amazing and very helpful! Is the school accredited by a WFME-recognized accrediting agency? I had a few questions about your blog and this post in particular. I have spoken to two people from AUC who love it and only had good things to say. 4. Hi Benji! If you are a prospective student looking into applying to Caribbean medical schools, I recommend considering the schools in the top tiers first, then go down the groups from there. SGU 2. When looking for an offshore med school… It’s not enough to simply finish step 1 and step 2 without graduating. Big 4 Caribbean Medical Schools (Note: Although there are no official Caribbean medical school rankings, these schools are generally regarded as the best due to relatively high USMLE pass rates, ability to receive federal loans, and ability of graduates to apply for licensure in all 50 states.) Otherwise, graduates can practice in the 30+ states that do not require the medical school to have state approval. Also of note, these rankings are only based on the amount of accreditation, recognition, and approvals that a school has and the number of states that their graduates can practice in. It’s quite urgent. Ravinder – St. Martinus University is not accredited by CAAM-HP, as listed under “Tier 6”. Many frieds over there right now and they all passed their step without a problem, and the most impressive part for me is that this year they score 70 US residencies in some of the top hospitals like Mayo Cllinic this year alone. What is the meaning that Texila American University mentioned under not Accridited universities … Is this mean I will not be able to get a license as a medical Doctor in the United States? A student from a lower tier school who works hard, scores well on the USMLE exams, and receives outstanding preceptor evaluations can have a better chance at matching into a residency and becoming a successful physician than a student from a top Caribbean medical school who does poorly in school, fails or scores low on the USMLE exams, and receives poor preceptor evaluations.