The Wretched Egg ends up changing her look. He yells at her, but Shiro calls him weak and that she needed to. This is likely due to Shiro's interactions with her, and the fact that she was kind to both Shiro and Ganta. Eventually, the Shiro and Wretched Egg personas fuse together to form Shiro's true self. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Manifestation of the Red Crystal: The Wretched Egg can implant a Red Crystal that houses the Nameless Worm into someone by firing it into their chest. Share the best GIFs now >>> Shiro enjoys the runner-up prize with Ganta and leaves. After Hagire's death, she takes advantage of the situation by snatching away the main control of the Mother Goose System and destroys it, thereby releasing her true powers and destroying half of Deadman Wonderland island. Ganta goes to see her all the time and talks to her. Before the birth of the Wretched Egg, Ganta and Shiro played quite often, sharing a common admiration of Aceman. She starts to break down and switches to Shiro, who realized what she is and what she's done. Her toes stick out of her bodysuit, just as her heels. Shiro is first seen sitting on the roof of Deadman Wonderland, singing the Woodpecker Song. In the end, it is discovered that the reason she wanted Ganta to become a Deadman was for him to kill her and end her suffering. This annoys Shiro, but she soon discards it, resulting from her becoming drunk off the cookies. On one hand, he and Sorae were the only two good things in her life, and her sole source of happiness in her childhood. The Director asks if she's hungry and offers her candy, to which Wretched Egg declines, stating she hates candy. She stays in Ganta's room, ordered by Ganta to wait until later to play. She goes back to her room to change the clothes Ganta ruined. In Chapter 55, it was revealed that Wretched Egg did this because she was jealous of her, as well as all of Ganta's other friends. In the manga, she and Ganta first reunite when Shiro jumped through Ganta's cell window, breaking the bars in the process. She returns after Hagire's battle with Ganta and Senji that left him badly wounded and without two of his right limbs, but was saved by Yosuga. He responds that there can never be another verse. Shiro goes to Minatsuki's room and meets with Minatsuki and Yō Takami. She has lots of energy, most likely from the fact she eats nothing but sweets. It is still unknown what this meant to her as Azami was killed before the Wretched Egg could explain further. Shiro's Branch of Sin is the same as the Wretched Egg though less powerful. Wretched Egg then proceeds to put on the 'Red Man' armor, further revealing her identity to the audience. This causes Shiro to think Ganta had eaten it, making her happy as she thought that Ganta had visited. Shiro and Ganta meet in one of the capsules from the Ferris wheel and reminisce about their past. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Regeneration: As one of the results of Hagire's and Sorae's experiments, Shiro's body developed the ability to regenerate damage almost instantly. In order to win the race, one person had to be in possession of a ball before time runs out, as Shiro passes the ball to Ganta, the platform she's standing on disappears and she falls under into a pit of spikes. It was revealed in Chapter 55 that this wasn't an accident; it was actually Wretched Egg attempting to use her powers to such a degree that she could destroy her body faster than it could regenerate, as an attempt to commit suicide. Ganta, seeing the sadness and regret, tries to reach out to her. Regeneration: The Wretched Egg has the ability to regenerate almost any wound completely in an incredibly short amount of time. She admits to eating his snacks and begins to regret it, thinking Ganta is mad at her. Shiro does so by finding Ganta and tossing it into fire. This causes Ganta to hit her and it shocks her. The Wretched Egg briefly awoke shortly before Ganta used his upgraded version of his Branch of Sin on Genkaku. The Wretched Egg was the cause of the Great Tokyo Earthquake. She falls down and faints afterward. She tells him it's the same power as his Ganta Gun, leaving Hagire with only one possibility, to take over Ganta's body. Her arm fell off once while she and Ganta were playing hide-and-seek. She sadistically smiles and states that she's looking forward to one of them, fulfilling her desires. Toto finds her and addresses her as Wretched Egg. Flight: It is unknown if this is an ability granted to her through her Branch of Sin, but the Wretched Egg has the ability to float in mid-air.