Viscose is often referred to as "faux silk" and goes by the everyday name of rayon. Regular rayon shrinks the most, while "high wet modulus" and "high tenacity" rayon have greater wet strength and shrink … I would go for Viscose shirts, the fabric not only drapes well, but it’s comfortable and soft. Viscose, otherwise referred to as rayon because it is a type of rayon, is a cellulose-based fiber, made of regenerated cellulose that can be produced by a number of plants such as sugar cane, bamboo and soy.. Most of the clothing we wear, be it natural fibers like cotton or wool or synthetics like polyester, rayon, or nylon, is made from polymers. The only way it would shrink is if you actually put it in boiling water. Does Polyester Shrink If You Wash or Dry It? There are four major types of rayon, and different rayon types have differing degrees of wet strength. Pure polyester fabric, unlike viscose, is resistant to pilling, wrinkle and abrasion, and does not shrink at normal temperatures. Why Does Some Clothing Shrink? The reason some pieces of clothing shrink and others don’t lies in a little bit of chemistry. Being 90 % crystalline, it does not easily absorb water, so dries faster, and is mildew-resistant. Ultimately, pure polyester is durable enough to stay put even at high temperatures. However, not many products are pure polyester — most of them are polyester blends. In order to shrink them just a little, they require repeated high-heat exposure over a long duration of time, which can cause major fading and wear and tear. Viscose vs. Polyester: Comparison and Differences; 4. Viscose's high moisture absorbency (13%, as opposed to 8% for cotton) and shade depth allow it to be dyed with deep and brilliant colors, but also can make it a delicate to wash. Polyester; 3. Use in Jackets; 1. Plus, it’s ideal for hot summer days. Contents: 1. Viscose Fabric. Viscose is an easily-dyed, non-static fiber made from wood cellulose. Synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, acrylic, and spandex are very tough and almost impossible to shrink. Viscose Fabric; 2. Check Best-Selling Viscose Shirts in 2020 Viscose; Polyester; Nylon; Acrylic; Tip for Shrinking Synthetic Fabrics. Viscose, which is a rayon fiber, loses strength when wet and sometimes shrinks. Even then, it would only be by a small margin. However, Polyester has come a long way and high-quality polyester shirts can even outperform cheaper low-quality Viscose clothes. Polyester is an artificial fibre refined from oil. Viscose or polyester shirt.