The canvas material, composed from cotton, hemp, and linen, is waterproof and easily cleaned adding to its durability. With VAT subtracted she ended up paying $940 USD (which is basically free! Goyard Saint Louis GM … Over the past few years, I've started investing in designer handbags. By opening state of the art factories, he had complete control of the manufacturing process ensuring the highest level of excellence in workmanship. Yes! I think that’s what ultimately grabbed my attention. For example, the black sweater for your review of your Goyard tote? I’ve had my eye on this bag for awhile and the only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger is because I’ve heard that it cracks in colder weather. I was in the market for a new tote that I could use mostly for work & travel, and ultimately decided on the Goyard St Louis PM tote. I will always include the exact links to the items I’m wearing (as long as they are available online). xx. Thanks again for the good read! Within 10 years the Goyard brand was re-established with timeless elegance, craftsmanship and exclusivity. Because this was over a year ago, I am not sure if the prices have changed, and it makes it a little more complicated since I bought it abroad and there is obviously a conversion rate to factor in. Items 1 - 12 of 25. FYI in relation to price. They really do have the best service! Oddly enough, I get a lot of compliments on it – mostly from men! Your thought on durability? Items 1 - 12 of 25. Also, eBay Fashion has an authenticated shop which sells luxury designer handbags, including Goyard. In 1845 the House of Martin and Morel hired 17-year old apprentice François Goyard who would work for 32 years before passing down to his son Edmond Goyard in 1885. Lol). Goyard suggests that the St. Louis shouldn’t be used for everyday use as its not as durable. The Goyard St Louis tote looks beautiful! This was such a detailed and informative post. I often want to see which designers you are wearing but you often note designers who are similar instead. I use a few of my. The name Claire Voie was inspired by an architectural technique used to brighten structures by allowing light to shine through. Although its appearance is similar to leather, the Goyardine is made with natural coated cloth mixing linen and cotton, which creates the iconic canvas fabric. Otherwise, I think it’s such a fantastic carryall! A lot of you guys asked why I chose the Goyard Tote over the Louis Vuitton Neverfull (MM or GM), and honestly it was just personal preference. This truly helps. The straps on my red goyard bag peeled and would stain my clothes. I get lots of compliments and questions about my Goyard bag, but I would never purchase another one.I had the bag for less than a year and handle atarted to peel. How do you care for your bag? Goyardine St Louis GM Tote Fabric, Size, & Price, How to Style My Favorite Everlane Jacket for Winter, 6 Ideas for Sneaking More Exercise Into Your Day, The Lace Top I’ll Be Wearing All Holiday Season, Sephora Holiday Event November 2020: My Makeup Routine and Sale Recommendations, An Easy Halloween Makeup Look You Can Recreate at Home, Bronde Hair Before & After and Frequently Asked Hair Questions, Fashion Jackson x Amazon The Drop Fall Collection, Amazon Fashion Prime Day Picks and Must Have Amazon Items, My Favorite Outfits to Inspire Your Future Travel Style (And Travel Essentials for Jetsetters), What to Pack for a Ski Trip: Best Gear & Outfit Guide, How do you keep it organized? Below I'm sharing my pros & cons about the Goyardine St Louis GM Tote. Also – Hong Kong is one of my FAVORITE cities! I have heard that the handles can start to crack if worn in very cold temperatures. $89.00 $377.00 Save: 76%. My Louis Vuitton tote has lasted longer. I had a typo (copy & paste – oops!) The Goyard St Louis GM tote measures 22.25" x 13.25" x 7.25" and has a 7.625" x 4.25" detachable leather pouch. I might consider that style in a different size/color for the future! I LOVE my Goyard tote…but I will add that in really cold weather, the material freezes up and gets stiff and crinkly so I don’t really use it during the winter (in Chicago). While it isn't my "everyday" bag, I do use it about 2-3 times a week for work as well as every time I travel (for a few months it was even my gym bag). I actually didn’t know there was a zipper tote option, until recently. Its definitely the GM! Yes! I just bought this same bag and I’m wondering how yours is holding up? Love the review, I might add it on my wishlist! Thinking of investing but wanted to try a different color since I have other totes in brown/black. Just read other responses! Sort by. I also have the same size LV Neverfull and I love them both amd could not pick one over the other. I got it at the San Francisco store. The straps don't show any signs of wear or cracking and the canvas is still in excellent condition. Prior to the House of Goyard, was the House of Martin and Morel, founded in 1792. I think its such a classic design and more unique since not as many carry Goyard. I love this bag, and love that it’s a similar concept to the never full… but like with most Celine bags if you know you know. Hello, Just want some clarification; totally not criticizing here! What do you think of it in Navy? The Goyard St Louis GM tote measures 22.25" x 13.25" x 7.25" and has a 7.625" x 4.25" detachable leather pouch. Thx. It honestly still looks brand new, except for the pen ink stain on the interior - oops. They do send you pricing via email and instructions on how to purchase. So I’m just curious…are the GM/PM terms interchangeable and they’re the same size regardless? Only when traveling do I wish there was a top zipper. Specializing in box-making, trunks, and packing, the house was ahead of its time, focusing more on packing garments and delicate items. Great info, thanks for reviewing! As someone who doesn't take the best care of my handbags (I'm a little lazy), this bag seriously still looks brand new! Let me know in the comments below if you still have more questions. For our readers, we have gone to the edge of the internet to discover the famous Goyard totes prices. Glad to hear you were able to get them to help provide a price – I know not all boutiques are the same way. You mention that it still looks brand new…just wondering if you have taken it out in cold weather. They were most helpful and answered a couple of other questions I had by email. Now that I've had the tote for over a year, it's definitely seen is fare share of use. I called and they want me to pay $300 to replace the handle. Suscribe to be the first to know about Goyard’s latest news. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is more than enough room. I also love the white! Is yours like this as well? Below is the Goyard tote styles, prices and sizes for Saint Louis, Artois, and Anjou. Can you fit your laptop in it? This will be my next purchase when I go back to Paris! Again there is plenty of room. Weight capacity? Did you also check out the Artois GM? The Saint Louis Claire Voie is declined in five exciting and vibrant colours: Blue like the Mediterranean Sea, Green like the forests of Morvan, where the Goyard family originates from, Yellow like the scorching sun of high summer, Orange like a setting sun and Red like the leather lining of prestige special order trunks.