(Also called Mother of Thyme). Golden Creeping Jenny. Yarrow is the Toughest Ground Cover. It grows well in partial shade to full sun and hard-to-plant … Walk-On-Me Plant is a creeping thyme that grows only 3'' tall. Golden Creeping Jenny is hardy down to Zone 3 and is a fast growing ground cover plant … But really, when it looks this great and you can step on it, do we care? White Diamonds– Okay, you had me at White Diamonds ( I’m mixing mine with the Chocolate Chips) This ground cover is … They can be a bit slick to walk on, but are nice between pavers and encircling patios. Keep in mind that many low-growing walkable plants can also be invasive. Hardy down to Zone 4, it grows 3-6 inches tall and to 18 inches wide. Q: A gardening show on PBS had one program about all kinds of ground covers aside from grass that are tough enough to walk on. A ground cover plant that can replace a traditional lawn grass often has to satisfy a wide range of criteria. Walk on it and the whole area will be filled with the aromatic smell of fresh thyme. Plants That Can Be Walked On. While there are a number of plants that can be walked on, below are some of the best stepable plants: Wooly thyme (Thymus pseudolanuginosus) is a type of ornamental thyme with fuzzy leaves and stems. Plant around flagstones or for a decorative, dense-growing ground cover. Primarily, the plant must be walkable: It has to be very resilient, able to recover quickly from being … Do you know of a thick ground cover that can choke out weeds, can … Photo by ‘WW Greenhouses‘.