SMSL DP5 ES9038Pro MQA DAC HiFi DSD256 IIS USB Bluetooth Streaming Playback Unbalanced Balanced Music Player. The SMSL Q5 PRO has all the great sound and features from the original Q5, but adds a subwoofer output and micro USB input. Topping VX2 SMSL Q5 Pro 24bit 192khz Optical Coaxial... Q5 pro use TAS1020B+CS8422+TAS5508C+TAS5342A combinaison chips to guarantee the higger quality and performence of this amplifier's sound Xin vui lòng hiểu rõ vấn đề này. I'd also connect this setup with the Kanto SUB8 subwoofer as well. For the amp/DAC I'd go with the combination SMSL Q5 Pro. S.M.S.L Q5 pro The smallest of the small, the SMSL Q5 pro provides sound reproduction that is a happy compromise between 'punch' and 'hold' with the sound balanced with finesse and nuance, although lacking some presence. [tintuc]Trang web download driver các loại dac được bán tại cửa hàng Después de un mes de espera finalmente llegó mi nuevo amplificador integrado SMSL Q5. Type: Headphone Amplifier & DAC Color: Black Parts: TIPS: Hifi college customer service: >> Our all products have 180 Days Warranty, If there are quality problems happen in a guaranteed period, please contact us with your … We note the presence of an output for subwoofer. Các file đều đã đặt password và chỉ dành cho khách hàng của longmobi. Nếu bạn mua của cửa hàng khác thì sẽ không được hỗ trợ. SMSL Q5 Pro High Quality HiFi Pure Digital Home Audio Amplifier Input HiFiGo Get better sound out of your speakers with the SMSL Q5 Pro, an impressive DAC/power amp for the price. A sampling rate of 192 kHz/24-bit, multitude of input methods, and insulated speaker binding posts make the Q5 Pro a high quality amplifier and DAC combo. The KEF Q100 are not one of those, reviews says the Uni-Q driver are great for nearfield. Một số dac cần driver đặc biệt, một số khác thì không. Audio Equipment For Sale: 1: Oct 21, 2020: H: SMSL M500 Can't get 32 bit: Combination Audio DAC and Headphone Amplifiers: 6: Oct 8, 2020 Lo primero que sorprende es el tamaño, yo sabía que era pequeño, pero verlo impresiona, es del tamaño de un disco duro, como 1/4 del tamaño de un lector de CD de computador. My main usage are playing Overwatch, … SMSL M500, first hardware revision: Audio Equipment For Sale: 3: Nov 9, 2020: SMSL M500 DAC/amp, $320 shipped, U.S. Limited time offer, ends 11/27. Q5 Pro pure digital amplification technology, high-quality amplifier, to support the current mainstream of the world, including audio mode optical fiber, coaxial, computer USB, analog input 3.5mm.