They way you've explained it with Question and answers … DIGITAL MARKETING Multiple Choice Questions :-1.Delivering different messages to members of a business decision making unit is a key difference between B2C and B2B marketing which is reflected … This Advanced Social Media test by simplilearn focuses on ensuring that you are well-versed with social media marketing and its nuances. Increased abilities to connect directly and send messages to people C. Ability to post in Groups and create a Group D. Ability to block users. c. The management structure of the companies. Social Media Marketing Questions And Answers. With the social media landscape evolving constantly, there’s always something new to learn for both novice and experienced marketers alike. What feature does LinkedIn offer for pay accounts? a. Participatory production. d. Traditional media offers no way for audiences to communicate with media … A. View Answer You can take this free test and answer the social media questions … This free social media exam contains 15 social media MCQs that help you evaluate your knowledge on social media marketing. Naturally, you might have a lot of pressing social media marketing questions … 11. Ability to post pictures B. Social media marketing is very crucial for all kind of businesses in today's world. I suggest all of those who want to learn more and more about social media marketing this blog. Social media reaches only a few people at a time. b.