It has a long body and a long and broad bill. The bill and frontal shield (forehead) is red, the bill having a yellow tip. The mallard is a large and heavy looking duck. Despite the Coot and Moorhen having a different coloured plumage, many people get confused when identifying them. I guess it was the lack of curiosity in the mother to even find out how or why a moorhen wasn't a duck that bothered me; that she didn't give me wink to say "yeah, you and I know that's a moorhen, but for now, for her, it's a duck." The male has a dark green head, a yellow bill, is mainly purple-brown on the breast and grey on the body. How to incubate? A Dusky Moorhen, Gallinula tenebrosa, is a bird from the rail family. Underneath the tail (undertail coverts) are white and there is a white line along the flank. But it's not like the word is hard in Japanese, though I doubt that many people know it: ban (バン). They are commonly seen in wetlands alongside Ducks, Geese, and Swans. videos; picture gallery; Mallard. The Moorhen appears mostly black, but a closer look reveals blackish-brown upperparts and grey-black below. The Coot is black with a distinctive white front face shield and beak, and the Moorhen is brown and black with a distinctive red frontal face shield and beak, tipped with yellow. She is a top ranked traditional artist and is currently holding the #28 position.. She is a ranked traditional photographer and is currently at the #7 spot on this years rankings.. She is a top ranked mixed media photographer and is currently at the #7 spot on this years rankings. Coot/Moorhen eggs! Familiar waterbirds to many but have you ever struggled to tell the difference between Coot and Moorhen: owls; Thrushes; Water birds. There are around 12 mallard ducklings already, which have been adopted by a coot funnily enough. It is found in the wetlands of Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. They are living on a floating duck house we got a few years ago. There is a lake in my garden and lots of ducks, coots and moorhens have settled to breed. Susan F. M. T. Photography has been an obsession of mine since I got my First Box Brownie Camera age 8yrs. She (louder): "Duck!"