KFC Original Recipe Chicken. It is guarded round the clock. To this day the coating is packaged and shipped ready to use to the restaurants. A copy of the recipe, signed by Sanders, is kept in a safe inside a vault in KFC's Louisville headquarters, along with 11 vials containing the recipe's herbs and spices. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/.../a63288/kfc-chicken-secret-recipe-revealed In a random hallway inside the KFC headquarters, inside their legal department,across from a copy machine, next to a shelf that stores three stacks of paper and possibly the saddest Keurig machine in existence is... abroom closet. KFC boss in a flap as secret recipe switched to new vault News; World; 0 ... Sanders’ handwritten Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices into KFC headquarters' newly modernised and remodelled vault. The vault, in the legal department at KFC headquarters, looks innocuous — not like the Mission: Impossible locked spaces seen in the movies. First of all, the recipe itself — signed by Colonel Sanders himself — is locked inside a vault at KFC’s headquarters in Louisville. The spice mix isn’t even assembled by one company; in order to keep it a secret, half of the ingredients are blended by Griffith Laboratories and then the mixture is sent to McCormick, where the other half is added. The recipe might have remained faithful to the core ideology of how the chicken should taste and keep the integrity of the Colonel’s specific taste and preference intact. KFC protects the recipe in a vault and has sued to keep its recipe secret in the past. According to the Tribune, Yum! It looks more like a broom closet, actually. 9. Then again, Colonel Sanders was rather eccentric himself. Secret recipes still exist, even in these days of information overload. Next to the coffee machine. The unfaithful Colonel . Colonel Harland David Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken and originator of the famous chicken recipe, claimed that there were 11 secret herbs and spices in his breading. KFC goes to extreme measures to keep the original recipe a secret (and to exploit the mystery as a big marketing ploy). Lets hope someone cracks the code or raids the secret ingredient vault so that we all can start making our own homemade KFC like chicken and save us all from a bit less calories.