SALMON ORA KING 7.5oz CASE 21pc FROZEN $408.45. These fillets, often referred to steaks as well, will be prepped and ready to be thrown on the grill or frying pan. Premium Regal New Zealand King Salmon - Manuka Wood Smoked Salmon - Sustainably raised New Zealand King Salmon - Non-GMO, Kosher, BSE-Free - Rare Superfood with Healthy Omega 3 Acids, (3.5 oz - 4-pack) “This year the average price was 11 dollars and 83 cents per pound,” she said. “And the average weight for a winter king was 11.7 pounds.” That’s one bright spot. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more … Fresh Delivered. It has a mild salmon-y taste with a beautiful, firm texture. The average chinook salmon weighing 11.6 pounds earned fishermen nearly $70 per fish; the average sockeye was valued at $7.00 per fish. portions, minimum 18-count, 10 lbs. Subscribe. White King salmon can be in the $20 per pound range as well. Northwest Fish Wild King Salmon Fillet, 7-9 oz. What’s special about our Alaska Gold King Salmon Fillets (Sides)…. Add to Cart. For consumers, the bountiful harvest has driven down wild salmon prices to $15 to $20 per pound, compared with $30 to $35 per pound in recent years. SALMON ORA KING 425g 2pc FROZEN $35.95. 10 lbs. of King Salmon PortionsWild CaughtSkin onPin Bones removed Ships uncooked & Frozen Certified Sustainable by MSCTroll caught18 portions “So it finished about 50 cents higher than last year,” Ehresmann said of this year’s price. King salmon, once as ubiquitous as burgers in backyard Bay Area barbecues, has commanded astonishingly high prices in recent years, turning the local fish into a luxury good. SALMON ORA KING 7.5oz CASE 21pc FROZEN. Organic farmed King salmon from British Columbia ($25/pound at Captain Marden’s) is shiny with very white fat streaks. Salmon filets such as a Copper River king, Alaskan king, and Columbia River king can sell for anywhere from $7 to $24 per pound depending on the type of salmon. The average ex-vessel, or dock price value per salmon in 2018 was $5.20 per pound, up more than $2 from 2017. And prices were again in record territory. Quick View Qty.