In all cases, I'd avoid the 128GB SSD configurations, as that storage capacity just way too skimpy for modern game requirements. The Lenovo Legion 7 is a classic gaming laptop, featuring a slew of RGB lighting, powerful internal components and a speedy Full HD display. Overall I think it’s built really well, though I would have preferred a unibody design considering the price point. Under the hood, Lenovo has made it fairly easy to access components. 3DMark measures relative graphics muscle by rendering sequences of highly detailed, gaming-style 3D graphics that emphasize particles and lighting. The $1,099.99 model comes with a Core i5-10300H processor, 8GB of memory, a GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, and a 128GB SSD. There's plenty to like about the Legion 5i, from a sturdy build to solid gaming performance. Matthew earned a degree in Mass Communications/Journalism and interned for a college semester at Kotaku, writing about gaming before turning it into part of his career. Though the chassis is plastic, the soft touch and sturdiness of it is satisfying, and gives you confidence in its quality. The two middle models on Lenovo's site offer Core i5 and i7 options, as well as varied storage capacities and GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics. Using an early 2018 release of the Creative Cloud version of Photoshop, we apply a series of 10 complex filters and effects to a standard JPEG test image. Not to mention Corsair’s IQ software comes with a million lighting effects that you can play around with, and you can customize them per-zone or individual keys. It also has a dual fan system that has 73 liquid crystal polymer fan blades that pushes air through four dedicated thermal channels at high speeds. Let’s start with exterior impressions, and as I mentioned earlier Legion has made a few tweaks here and there, but they still managed to keep it low profile. The keys themselves are fantastic, Lenovo has really nailed it on the 7i. On certain CPU-centric tests, though, the improvements of the 5i should show in its newer-generation processor, even though the GPU is a step down in our particular configurations. They do speak for themselves. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. Lenovo Legion Y7000 Price and Configuration Options. Video Producer. Most important for a gaming laptop, we come to the components. To provide context for the Legion 5i's performance, I've put together a batch of competing laptops. The trackpad is decent, they have made it about 40% larger than the Y740. Switching gears to the display, it is a 15.6-inch 1080P panel with a refresh rate of 144Hz. Lenovo Legion 5 / 5P (15") CPU variants. The camera resolution is 720p and produces average picture quality. The Legion 5i is compact and fairly portable at 0.93 by 14.3 by 10.2 inches (HWD) and 5.4 pounds. Despite the hardware from the gaming entry-level segment, you don't have to worry about the performance. That means it's hardly the lightest around (the 14-inch Zephyrus G14 and several premium gaming laptops beat it on both thinness and weight), but it's right on the mark versus entry-level and midrange competition. As we've seen before, AMD's Ryzen 4000 processors in like-priced machines tend to be a notch above Intel's offerings in thread-aware media tasks, so you may favor those options if you intend to do media editing on the side. As you can see in our Light Load test it only lasted for about 6 hours, which is respectable, but not as good as something like the GS66 Stealth or the TUF A15, both of which have bigger batteries. It's placed slightly off center and ran up against my left palm somewhat while typing. It looks like Legion have been able to seamlessly combine a slim chassis with great cooling and high-end components to create a desktop-class gaming experience. We reviewed Lenovo's last mid-tower gaming desktop, the Legion T730, at the end of 2018.Now well into 2020, Lenovo is back with a redesign with the new Legion … When not gaming or writing, the rest of his time is spent on the emotional rollercoasters known as Chelsea FC and the NY Rangers. You have a really fast GPU, a fast CPU – not the fastest – I really wish if it had a Ryzen CPU, but unfortunately we are not getting that yet. In multi-core Intel’s highest end CPU being used in a $3,000 laptop can barely keep up with a $1,200 device using a Ryzen 4800H. Unfortunately, it does not have an SD card reader. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The other thing I should mention is that you lose dedicated keys on the left-hand side, which used to give instant access to Vantage software, game capture, a few macro keys, and lighting adjustments. The Legion Y530 and the Legion Y740 were strong 2019 entries, and the new Legion 5i (starts at $1,099.99; $1,599.99 as tested) evolves the line further. Lenovo Legion to seria laptopów gamingowych, które ma ułatwić podjęcie tej decyzji, głównie dlatego, że są dostępne praktycznie na każdą kieszeń. It hits 4.4GHz and just stays there for most of the tests. I would rather have a standard keyboard that looks cleaner and simple. Like all Nvidia GPUs, part of the heat management is done through gradually modulating clock speeds up and down over time. I really like what they have done with the design, they have tweaked a few things compared to the Y740, but those are welcome changes. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. To be honest, although it’s pretty good I expected more from the 7i, like a glass surface, but that’s not the case. © 1996-2020 Ziff Davis, LLC. Our unit is equipped with a full HD 144Hz display, a perfect fit for gaming (especially with the components in this model). Check out the updated Legion notebooks at the links below: Legion 7i – 5 (AMD & Intel) – It also goes to show that Intel has a lot of catching up to do, because Legion was just so confident in their cooling system that they applied a slight overclock, but it still couldn’t keep up with the fastest that AMD has to offer.