The purpose of every plan and all derivative plans is to facilitate the accomplishment of enterprise purpose and objectives. When all these needs are not met to society standards human services professional will come in and help restore these needs to the person’s life. The managers have to anticipate the changing needs of the customers through effective market, customers, competitors, and internal external environment analysis, and formulate strategies to achieve strategic targets through quality enhancement of goods and services meeting the changing needs and wants of the customers. of Planning: Planning is found at all levels of management. The nature of management accounting can be well understood by comparing management accounting with financial accounting. Planning and control To help ü Planning Pervasiveness  Everyone used to plan in our day to day activities. increase organizational effectiveness: Mere efficiency in the organization is Plans are chalked out to produce more at the same rates, produce the same output at lower rates, ways to reach out more number of customers and ways to motivate employees to deliver more. Human Services is different services offered to people to meet their basic physical and emotional needs that cannot be met without side inference. is an intellectual process: The quality of planning will vary according to the Different categories of plans are required at all stages and phases of the business. management is in charge of administrative planning. Remember to also cite ideas from the readings and journal articles for this week. Factors: A planner must recognize the limiting factors (money, manpower etc) Professor Galpin ( 1996) in his book described design as the abstract frameworks on paper, and... ...written specifically on strategic marketing process; particularly their approach and personal philosophy vis-à-vis this concept. In other words, the Human services agency will be... ...Strategic Planning Assignment ü Co-ordination: Organizations want to have innovative creative, challenging, and strategic work force which formulate strategic plans establish goals and objectives obtain, allocate, distribute and utilize scarce resources in the best possible manner to achieve goals and objectives effectively and create brand image, brand loyalty through enhancement in the quality of goods and services and achieve sustainable competitive advantage and create value for all the stakeholders. Lower management has to (BS) Developed by Therithal info, Chennai. Copyright © 2018-2021; All Rights Reserved. Facilitates Accomplishment of Objectives: The aim of planning is to facilitate the attainment of objectives. co-ordination of all activities, we cannot have united efforts. In this paper, the examination of the nature and purpose of human service, the goal of human services, the history of human services, and common intervention strategies are examined. Human Services has goal “teach a man to fish,” which means to help develop certain skills to work within the society norms. To secure Efficiency, 1. of Planning: Planning is the first of the managerial functions. other management functions. courseof action that would lead to the best result at the minimum costs. Primacy ü Pervasiveness It focuses its attention on the objectives of the organization. How does the author use citing, referencing, quoting, and paraphrasing in the article? Management accounting includes financial accounting and extends to the operation of a system of cost accounting and financial management. ü To secure Doyle advanced that a well... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. ü To help Planning and control are different but very closely related. To secure economy in operation: Planning involves, the selection of most profitable course of action … Control is the process of coping with any changes that affect the plan. According to the National Organization of Human Services (2012), “The field of Human Services is uniquely approaching the objective of meeting human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems, and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life of service populations.” Everyone has basic needs. How and where does the author incorporate outside evidence? Create a single document which includes the following components: Analyse the article you selected for the following aspects of scholarly argument and academic originality: It precedes all ...The Nature and Purpose of Human Service Practice This is done so by studying the external and internal environments of the business. Is it used at the beginning of the article to provide background on a topic? “Human services are those service industries that are mainly concerned with supplying a product that concerns people's welfare and wellbeing. To * It helps in deciding objectives both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Flexibility: comparison of the planned performance with the actual performance. Planning July 23, 2012 enables the manager to measure the organizational effectiveness in the context it is a statement of intention. Planning and control is the next task – taking the designed operation and making it work on a continuous basis. Without planning it is not possible to co-ordinate Middle planning is the base of it. ü To offset THE NATURE AND PURPOSE OF PLANNING. Without planning it is not possible to co-ordinate Planning has no meaning without being related to goals. of the stated objectives and take further actions in this direction. In the Control involves making sure that plans are actually taking place in practice and responding when things do not... ...understood by most, if not all candidates or even managers in the organizations, different types of relevant information are needed for different organizations at different times for different situations and purposes. The basic understanding of what human service must be achieved before one is able to comprehend the nature and purpose of human services practice. The modern-day role that Human Service plays in the world is basically the same as it did back then; to help people meet their basic needs in order to survive and live a productive life.