“Our Iceberg Is Melting is superb. Sign in Uploaded on Oct 24, 2007 Harvard Business School Professsor John Kotter talks about his book “Our Iceberg Is Melting… Summary: Our Iceberg is Melting Foreword by Spenser Johnson: One the surface, the story of this book appears to be a fable that is relatively easy to grasp, but it does subtly impart an invaluable lesson on change. A group of beautiful emperor penguins live as they have for many years. This flock of Emperor penguins has been living as a colony on this iceberg for Dr. Kotter offers clever solutions to business issues… Dr. John Kotter talks about the business world and his book, Our Iceberg Is Melting, about leading change. In Our Iceberg is Melting a simple fable about penguins illustrates how to conquer change, with profound lessons for working and living in an ever-changing world. It covers all the steps to success in a changing world, from finding the substantial issues, aligning with a potent champion, charting the course, getting buy-in, dealing with those who want no change, and so on.” Chris Hand. Our Iceberg Is Melting is a simple fable about doing well in an ever-changing world. “Our Iceberg Is Melting is superb. How can I personally change my instruction so that I can be a part of the culture shift that needs to take place? Add to Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add nbdearman’s video to your playlist. This charming story about a penguin colony in Antarctica illustrates key truths about how we deal with the issue of change: handle the challenge well and you can prosper greatly; handle it poorly and you put yourself at risk. Based on the award-winning work of Harvard's John Kotter, it is a story that has been used to help thousands of people and organizations. It embodies powerful messages that can help a broad audience. It's a story that can be enjoyed by anyone while at the same time providing invaluable guidance for a world that just keeps moving faster and faster. The fable is about a penguin colony in Antarctica. Creating a sense of urgency within myself…so I can contribute to the larger shift? John Kotter talks about his books Leading Change and Our Iceberg is Melting. It embodies powerful messages that can help a broad audience. This DVD can be used to help build momentum for change inside your own organizations. Our Iceberg Is Melting is based on pioneering work that shows how The 8-Step Process for Leading Change produces needed change in any sort of group.