Adding an EQ before or after the compressor can help to target a particular area to compress. One thought on “ Parallel Compression in Ableton – NY Style by Rafael ” Ryan says: It would be a bit like having a mix control on a compressor on the master buss. Sound On Sound Magazine | Parallel Compression, The Pro Audio Files | Parallel Compression, Titans – Ableton Live 10 Techno Project Template, Syncopate – Ableton Live 10 Techno Project Template, Epic Chill – Ableton Live 9 Chillout Template, Beyond Control – Ableton Live 9 Melodic Techno Project Template, Awaken – Ableton Live 9 Techno Project Template, Ableton Mixing eBook 5 – Reverb And Depth, Ableton Mixing eBook 3 – Compression & Dynamics, Ableton Mixing eBook 2 – Balance and Stereo Imaging. Posted on 29/01/2018 03/03/2019 by Sam Antidote. It sounds exactly as the name would suggest. New York style compression is a type of parallel compression originating from New York City. Peak filters may also be used to pinpoint exact frequency bands to be accentuated. Registriert seit: 30.01.17 Punkte: 135. Parallel Compression In Ableton Live. Learn how your comment data is processed. Which is the problem with plugin parallel compression: you really must record the pass, then line it up manually, and then listen back. Keep an eye on the peak level in the master fader, mix the signal so no peak level is added but the track should become more powerful. Reply. Parallel compression is easier to deal with in the analog world, because you don't have to make sure your tracks are perfectly lined up every single time you make a pass. Parallel compression is still downward compression, just a slightly more sophisticated way of doing it! One common approach is to feed audio to a chain of effects on a Return track using track Send controls. Parallel Compression in Ableton Live 8. Syncing Reverb Pre-Delay & Decay Times With Your Tracks Tempo | Quick Mix Tips, Give drums more punch, thickness and weight, Make a track sound psychoacoustically louder without adding peak level, Help to give vocals more attitude and allow the performance to sound more consistent, Solo this track and place a compressor on it, Set the compression parameters using the guidelines above. The newly compressed version is usually so compressed that it is almost unusable on its own. (Also if you’re in of need some free drums, check out our Freebies here!). Parallel Processing in Ableton Live. This technique is often referred to as parallel compression or New York compression. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This is done by adding a few dBs of gain using shelving filters at 100Hz and 10KHz. ], Pendulum Inspired Track From Scratch in Ableton, 5 Top Tips for Drops, Builds & Breakdowns. Ableton Tutorials Parallel Compression in Ableton. Parallel processing is different from series processing. I’d highly recommend it for Drums, Vocals & Bass, but in this tutorial we are just going to look at what Parallel compression can achieve with drums. What Is Serial Processing? Here's a little thing I've written on parallel compression. New York style compression is a type of parallel compression originating from New York City. Hence the name ‘parallel compression’. ), 6 Amazing Online Music Producer Tools [Must Know! Load Ableton’s Compressor device into the second Chain and mute the ‘Dry’ chain my clicking on the yellow speaker icon. So, Parallel Compression. It sounds exactly as the name would suggest. Make your drums punchy without sacrificing body / bass (kick drums!) So, Parallel Compression. By using this website you agree to the use of cookies. What is NY Compression. On the second Chain, rename it ‘Compression’. December 14, 2014 at 11:47 pm . adding a low pass filter before the compressor is a handy way to add sub and body to kicks. The reason this EQ shape sounds more loud and clear is beyond the scope of this mix tip, but more information on equal loudness curves and psychoacoustics can be found in Book 1 of the Zero To Hero Guide To Mixing In Ableton Live. CLICK THE BUTTON TO SKIP STRAIGHT TO THE YOUTUBE VIDEO! In this 5-minute mixdown tip, we explored the uses of NY style parallel compression in Ableton live, and how it can be used to get the benefits of both downward compression and upward compression, whilst still keeping the dynamics and transients intact, and also without excessively raising the unwanted parts such as the noise floor. Setting up parallel compression in ableton. When the parallel compressed track is summed with the original uncompressed audio, we achieve the weightiness and fullness of the aggressive compression, coupled with the dynamics and groove of the uncompressed transients which gives us the best of both worlds. Another approach is to simply use an audio effects Dry/Wet control to dial in the effect. It should sound extremely squashed, Add an EQ8 device either before or after the compressor. A parallel compression configuration being used NYC style with an upside down smiley face style Eq curve to give the impression of a louder, clearer part. These are essentially the elements that give parallel compression a strong ‘mix glue’ quality when used in moderation. For example, you could take a drum loop, send a copy of it through a Return track in Ableton Live loaded with a compressor, and then compress the living heck out of the copy. What this technique does is help add punch and life to your tracks in your session. Use a social account for faster login or easy registration. The most common use for NY compression is to use an EQ after the compressor to create the psychoacoustic illusion of a louder drum bus. Parallel compression is probably one of the most important mixing techniques for electronic music producers to understand, especially if you want to get your mixes sounding as loud, clear and punchy as the pros! (Also if you’re in of need some free drums, check out our Freebies here! but rather than placing a compressor straight onto the original track in serial, a duplicate of the track is created and this duplicated track is compressed aggressively before being mixed back in with the original uncompressed audio. boboliciousbeatz. Once a comfortable setting has been sound, listen to this part in context of the whole track, aUse the mute and solo buttons to listen to the difference to the project with and without the parallel channel.