Set up a time, just for you, when you can disconnect from daily responsibilities and get away from the noise, stimulation, and demands of your world. Be as specific as possible, imagining the feeling of joy, the images it conjures up, perhaps even the people and situations who trigger joy. These kinds of activities replenish us and give our body and soul a chance to feel pure joy. I call many Sundays a bottle day. For example, we jump for joy when we win a hard-fought competition, or we double over in uncontrollable laughter when someone relates a hilarious story. Being alone in nature is another way to feel the joy of beauty — and oneness with a greater whole. In some respects, it does feel like wanting to grin from ear to ear. When we feel joy, we feel great about ourselves. The book of Psalms is full of joyful statements, often created amid difficult circumstances. We can sense these changes physically by paying attention to our bodies. Since I am starting to understand what that verse means, I am able to explain what joy feels like. Be Still and Know that I am God The Meaning Will Surprise You, 3 Huge Mistakes to Keep You from Your Purpose. But exactly how does that work? I am now aware that I do feel joy and feel joy more often. I love myself. In fact, I don’t know of any I cannot. Your email address will not be published. To be honest, until I met with my spiritual director and told him about my “bottle days,” he said, “What can you do to have more of those?” I had not thought of my “bottle days” as being joy. Required fields are marked *. Robert and I attend church where we sing in the choir. Joy is an emotion, and emotions are wordless. I want to offer some thoughts about this very important topic, the importance of having joy in one's life. Get a massage. I have this feeling of not a care in the world and a feeling of lightness. To me it meant being in a euphoric state, brimming with a smile from ear to ear. When we are experiencing loss and sadness in our life, everyday can feel like a struggle. Joy is the opposite of sorrow and feeling joy is like the triumph of beating death - when you are ill and recover - you feel life like a triumph, like a miracle and you're thankful you can live to experience it. Turn your burdens over to God even if just for a little while to catch moments of joy. It is truly a day where I don’t have a care in the world. Play and other activities that don't have a purpose other than helping us feel relaxed and happy keep our mind focused in the present. In a place that feels safe and private, constructively express your sadness by allowing yourself to cry. Are racing thoughts stealing your joy? Its just like being excited, only overflowing with it. I hate to admit it but I am way more serious than I need to be. Joy comes easily when we focus on our own needs in a caring and loving way. Your brain looks for proof of what you tell it. 7 Ways To Spark Synergy During Tonight's Gemini Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse, Astrologers Say This Week Will Be A Roller Coaster (That Ends On A High Note), How To Ring In This Weekend's Full Moon (Which Also Happens To Be An Eclipse), What Your Brows Are Trying To Tell You (Hint: You May Need This Supplement), Are You Sleeping Too Much? (Picture: Getty) We brought you some interesting descriptions of what it feels like to have sex when you have a penis.. “Physically, I feel floaty. Jude Bijou, M.A., MFT, is a respected psychotherapist, professional educator, and workshop leader. Think about what joy means to you. I will tell my husband Robert that I want to put these days … I describe it as a lightness, openness and spaciousness. There’s nothing on the agenda. I’d love to hear about it by leaving a comment below. Spend some time imagining what joy would feel like, how you would experience it, and how it would rock your world. Her award-winning book is Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better..., In order to save this article, you will need to. My hope is that you will recognize and feel more joy too. What Is Guided Meditation &What Will it Do for You? But joy is not an outward feeling. Write down self-appreciations so you can read and say them frequently. Okay, that sounds great to me, but what does that mean? Connect with me. But at the same time, I would consider myself to have a tremendous sense of humor. Honor yourself consciously and frequently. Think of a project you've wanted to accomplish, whether it's creating a small flower garden in your yard, learning how to give your car a tuneup, or mastering the tango.