The puzzles in Valiant Hearts aren't exactly the most difficult, but they'll often require a little more thought than you initially believe. It started with one sole chapter that was easy and short but animation and ambience is on point of point-and-click games. There is an optional classic graphics setting that can be used that makes the game appear as it originally did with a mouse pointer as the input and all. broken sword is far the best : best story,best dialogues and best well drawn characters. Gameplay sticks to traditional adventure mechanics, but it’s the atmosphere and enchanting visuals that provide the surreal experience that makes this game so unique. Kept me busy for 2 days. The story is very perplexing, and its puzzles are equally confusing, making it a hilariously funny game. Sometimes you have to repeat some actions without the game giving you any hints that repetition is required. The writing in the game feels a bit unpolished. Good graphics, haunting music, and great gameplay are some of the aspects that make The Passenger a decent point-and-tap title, but the game is too short and has only six puzzle scenes to solve. The graphics have all been redone for HD and have been created with up-scaling in mind to allow for proper representation on the assortment of device resolutions and screen sizes on the Android platform. Classic point and click adventure game, easy to play, there is on-line help if you get stuck. Any idea where I can find 'The 7th Guest' full apk? It has an intriguing plot and amazing noir-style graphics and visuals that compliment the entire concept well. The game is too short, but it's absolutely brilliant story-wise. Yesterday is an excellent murder mystery title. The music associated with each new environment creates a wonderful ambiance. This is one musical adventure you don’t want to miss. The Last Door is a 4:3 game which means there are black bars on both sides of the game. The relaxing gameplay, challenging puzzles, and beautiful Paris backdrop are reasons enough to play this game on your Android tablet/phone. The episodic adventure game is on the shorter side and leaves plenty of questions behind, so it definitely leaves players wanting more. There’s no hint system, but occasional clues provided by Fester may help you solve certain puzzles. Like a classic PC adventure game, Yesterday focuses on attention to detail and feels like a slick graphic adventure novel. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. The first chapter begins with a series of fun, logical puzzles and character interaction, which can help Fester get his hands on the elusive yellow metal. The game has several hilarious moments and some really funny characters to interact with. The puzzles in yesterday are finely crafted and allow the game to flow naturally. The writing is so well done that the character and their story fell very real, even when realizing the story takes place in a fairytale world. There's no wonder that the legacy still lingers and remakes were made and graphic enhancements, even less doubt the story and the games overall are amazing as they still resound and live in present. These games aren't as popular as they used to be in the '90s, but the genre hasn’t died yet. When I first played Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars on my PC, I fell in love with its magnificent visuals and endearing characters. Paris in the … In this game, the protagonist has the ability to go back in time by looking into the eyes of a dead person. 4.3 out of 5 stars 3. It's really interesting seeing how everyone makes ends meet in an unfamiliar world. Thanks! I own mist, riven and exile although we've not played them for about ten years. Samorost 3 has a great and unique art style. The main character and the one controlled by the player is just a normal, average, everyday robot. Reperfection’s 2D, black-and-white graphics are just amazing. The Silent Age is a great looking game that uses lighting effects and color to make the game pop. Publisher: SkyGoblin. This awesome interstellar point-and-click adventure game can be downloaded free to your Android phone or tablet PC. Considering the first act ends with a cliffhanger and many questions to be asked, to see the second half explain almost none of it makes for a frustrating story. Each chapter costs a bit more than expected. The game is not very long, but there are two sequels now, which are way longer. Puzzles in this game are not too difficult and usually can be quickly figured out by being attentive of your surroundings. Each new environment is adorned with magical melodies that compensate for the lack of dialogue, making gameplay more immersive. The second act of the game has an increasingly incoherent story that explains very little of what is going on. They include new point and click games such as Adam and Eve 8 and top point and click games such as Hunter and Props, Wheely 8, and Wheely 7. There are no dialogs or (much) text, so anyone can play disregarding language. The Passenger is divided into several episodes. A series of murders rock the city, and it’s up to you to hunt for the killer. You just have to turn sections of the pipe system until it all fits together. Anurag Ghosh (author) on August 23, 2014: The Lost City and The Silent Age really got me into this genre. Read on to find out! A point-and-click adventure game. The dialogues tend to get boring at times, but they play an important role in solving the mystery, as they shed some light on the backgrounds of potential suspects. You meet other characters and solve puzzles along the way. Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2 for android... thank you! He doesn't have any special powers or abilities other than being able to slightly extend his midriff in order to reach high ledges or making his body shorter. I got hooked from my very first game. A detailed aesthetic, a great score and an intriguing narrative together create a world that engrosses you from the very beginning. The controls have been completely redesigned for the touch platform, making for an easily controlled and intuitive experience. If you are new to adventure gaming, then you should play LucasArts games before enjoying this light-hearted adventure. If you like murder mystery games, then you mustn’t miss this title. Unlike this studios previous work (Machinarium) the puzzles are intuitive and difficulty ramps up fairly. Only you can help him by solving puzzles and interacting with in-game characters. Although it's advised not to rely on the hint system too much since it takes away from the experience of actually enjoying the game. Classic point and click puzzling adventure with high replayability The player will try to make their way through 22 different point and click stages that each contain a puzzle that must be solved to progress. While the quality of puzzles is generally fantastic, there are a few offenders that may force players to resort to a "hail Mary" strategy of clicking anything and everything in hopes of stumbling on the solution. This article really helps. Luckily for those that may get stuck on certain puzzles there is an included hint button that can be used to help figure them out. App $4.99 $ 4. This, coupled with the great sound design and soundtrack which also do their part in giving cues as to where the objects are and if the player is close, really help you immerse into the atmosphere and art style of Machinarium. Seeing as how a lot of high quality releases on release on iOS at first, it is refreshing to see Android the preferred platform for a release. Even if you are not a fan of this genre, you will fall in love with this game's arresting visuals. The Director’s Cut version for Android has improved graphics and plenty of extra features, including a special mode where you can play Nicole’s character. The story takes place in a fictional part of Manhattan called Fabletown, which is inhabited by humans and creatures from fairy tales and folklore. Any experience with engine? The Broken Sword Series presents five intriguing stories filled with smart and sometimes amusing puzzles and remarks for the protagonists. After a while it gets boring. The Journey Down: Chapter One. The Silent Age involves time travel and is set in the early '70s. The new HD graphics, included full soundtrack and in game full-motion videos take up quite a bit of room on the device, just short of 1GB. The story is a really good Sci-FI tale that takes advantage of good music and wonderfully made pixel art. Should be able to skip after the first time if needed. If you have a penchant for interactive graphic novels and are a sucker for mature storylines, then Reperfection is one point-and-click adventure game you should not miss playing on your Android device. The Lost City is an exploration-based point-and-tap adventure game which lets you explore a gorgeous tropical island full of secrets and mysteries. With the success TellTale achieved in their Walking Dead series, The Wolf Among US takes every good aspect of that gameplay and refines it even further.