It’s 100% natural and organic, and it’s safe to use around pets and people. Now, it might sound unusual to find prebiotics in a fertilizer, but it’s a good thing. It’s best applied using a calibrated spreader to ensure even application. The smell of blood meal is attractive to some animals. The 20 lb container has enough fertilizer to cover a 6,000 sq. 17 posts • Page 1 of 1. This makes it easier for more of it to get through to the soil. There’s no poultry litter, bio-solids, or… It is made from completely organic materials, with no added synthetic phosphorus, and no animal manure products. Customers report that it has a brewery like smell. A lack of phosphorus can result in slow growth. It’s also rich in prebiotics. And as they’re chemical free, you can safely allow pets and children on the grass after application. Cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue & Rye. Reducing the number of times you need to apply it in the growing season. And it slowly releases the all important nutrients without damaging your grass. Purely Organic Products Lawn Food is a new all-natural fertilizer. The Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Organic Fertilizer and the Purely Organic Lawn Food do not contain any animal byproducts, while all the other fertilizers reviewed do contain animal derivatives. After many failed attempts it was intimidating trying to get the right amount spread evenly over the lawn. It might be worth getting a pair of gloves if you decide to do this. — It’s derived from poultry manure, with extra sulfate of potash added to help with spring greening the following year. Cucumber Plant Problems & Diseases: Identification & Solutions, Cucumber Plants Dying From Bottom Up: 7 Causes & What You Can Do, Overwatered Cucumber Plants: The Problems & What To Do. I had ordered Purely Organic Lawn Food because I couldn’t find the usual product I use. Which can be quite strong when you first lay it down. When the granules are applied evenly with a spreader, most customers report a green and healthy looking lawn. Not all organic lawn fertilizers are the same. Our favorite choice of the best organic fertilizer for lawns is Innova Organic Fertilizer. Many states are discouraging⁠ the use of phosphorus in lawn fertilizers. It’s great for your soil, introducing organic matter that’s good for the structure and drainage. Promoting healthy grass growth over time. Covers Up to 5,000 Square Feet. Phosphorus is very important for new lawns. Our top recommended products at a glance: All links lead to Amazon, where you can find more information & customer reviews. But don’t expect overnight results. Liquid Lawn Food 13-0-4 from Purely Organic Products is a convenient spray fertilizer specially formulated to promote a lush, green lawn for you and your family. It consists of food waste that’s blended and refined into a treatment that provides natural nutrients to your soil. And it uses slow-release nitrogen so it provides nutrients for around 10 weeks per application. So it can be a good idea to keep them away until after it’s watered in. Our top choice is Innova Organic Fertilizer. The numbers show the % of each element in the product. It comes in easy to use granules, using a source of extended release nitrogen, and with no unpleasant odor due to not using animal parts or manures. WORDS FROM OUR CUSTOMERS What I like most about this (Purely Organic Products Lawn Food) other then … ft. Instead, the granules it contains are derived from soy. But supplementing with the right fertilizer can encourage healthy growth and help to make up for soil that’s deficient in nutrients. These two animal-free lawn feeds, along with the Simple Lawn Solutions Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer, do not have a noticeable smell.