Locate qibla (mecca) direction from your location with the help of google map and online qibla compass available on page. Thus, you can perform your prayers towards that direction. Type your location into the box above the map. find my location Qibla Angle for Doha (Qatar) is ° degree (according to the true north) Find the ° degree following a clockwise route beginning from the north. The Qibla holds deep and everlasting importance in the lives of Muslims everywhere. New York Qibla Direction - Find accurate online New York, United States qibla direction with online qibla compass and map at Hamariweb.com. Getting accurate Qibla direction was never this easy. Locate your home or your desired location. I have just obtained latitude and longitude of the user and irrespective of any lat, lon I want to find qibla direction for that person whether the person is in UK, US, India, Sri Lanka or any where. I am very keen on knowing an universal qibla direction logic as I want to implement in my islamic android app. Locate the direction of the qibla right from your browser, wherever you are. From this site, for 33.000 city around the world can easily find Qibla direction. The red line shows the direction to the Qibla. Simply drag and drop the pin to your current or desired location to get Qibla direction, latitude, longitude and your distance from ka'aba within seconds. Adjust the map until it represents your location. qibla locator |qibla direction compass | latitude longitude qibla | qibla direction locator | qibla |direction of qibla|With Qibla you can find the direction of the qibla from anywhere in the world|qibla finder . From any point on the globe, the Qibla is the direction which faces the Ka’bah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and it is in this direction towards which Muslims offer their obligatory prayers, five times a day, every day.The Qibla serves as our identity and as a symbol of unity among Muslims. The red line shows the direction to the Qibla.