Configuration, Release, or Build Manager/Engineer – As the look of development teams has progressed from crowded shops to remote employees, combined with the popularity of cloud-based computing, the concept of configuration management is changing. Posts about alternative jobs for engineers written by fecak. "Sometimes there is more than one solution to an issue. One of those ways is obviously to take a full-time job slinging code for the bank or insurance company. Alan says the best geotechnical engineers are problem solvers with good knowledge and experience. Day job (full-time or contracting) + product – Could you supplement your primary income by creating some sort of product for sale? has been released and is now available in most formats. Contracting, multiple concurrent clients – This usually requires having a widely respected set of technical skills (a ‘name’), a network, and some basic business knowledge (not to mention time management and negotiating knowledge). Civil engineer, environmental engineer, geotechnical engineer, and structural engineer appear on Immigration New Zealand’s long-term skill shortage list. Problem-solving skills. Building and construction managers plan, control and co-ordinate civil engineering or building projects, and the resources and people involved. The baby boomer generation probably helped define the image of career path and trajectory for many Gen X and Millennials that followed. This isn’t a perfect analogy, but it’s a valuable mindset. This means the Government is actively encouraging skilled engineers from overseas to work in New Zealand. Over the past couple years, there seems to be some resurgence of demand for QA to be performed domestically, and hires typically will be expected to have some automation and scripting experience. Alternative Jobs for Engineers. We are closed on all public holidays, including Wellington Anniversary. supervise construction to ensure structures are built correctly. Engineering can be a rewarding career but you may find that you lose interest in the work over the years. practical work such as site investigations or geotechnical testing. Top 5 Careers for Engineers to Transition Into March 15, 2018 / in Patent Career / by Editorial Staff Whether you start out in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, engineering management, or in civil engineering, a career change may be in the cards for you. At some point thereafter it became the norm to outsource QA overseas, making QA a lost art in the US and thus making QA talent significantly harder to find. building, construction, roading or agriculture work, environmental, draughting or surveying work. Naturally, you either try to get a promotion (which for engineers is often into a role that may make you less happy) or you go out and get a new employer. Useful experience for civil engineers includes: Civil engineers need to be reasonably fit as they may have to walk long distances to work sites, and carry equipment. Here are some examples (some have crossover and similarity): Performance Engineer – This role isn’t about building a product, but rather improving speed, scalability and reliability. Hays, 'Construction, Architecture and Engineering Salary Insights', accessed July 2019, ( This is a good job for people who like numbers and can communicate complex ideas in a clear way. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We need to start looking at alternative employment and earning models, career path, and trajectory in a different way. Mid-level civil engineers can earn between $75,000 and $115,000. If you have contacts that own businesses, they may be a good source for this type of work.