Then in the By section, use the spinner or enter a value for how much you want to expand or condense by. Option 5: Using Unicode Character Code. Thanks for joining us! On the Advanced tab, go to the Spacing dropdown and select Expanded or Condensed, depending on whether you want the letters further apart or closer together. Table of contents Word Basics Navigating the Document Selection Copy and Paste Formatting Text Comments and Citing Fields Inserts and Symbols Deletion Spacing … Text scale and spacing changes can help you fit your text into an available space by subtly changing the spacing between each letter. The real National Park font is now available for Office, Rearrange Styles in Word’s Quick Styles Gallery, Using Google Fonts for free in Microsoft Office. Do you need it? mark, where is the character you want. increasing the number for Expanded puts the letters further apart. This option is very similar to using the Alt Code shortcut. You'll get a welcome message in a few moments. G o to Home | Font and click the Font dialog launcher. Choose a small example before going into the Font | Advanced dialog. To specify a custom line spacing, type the spacing amount that you want in the At box. Text scale and spacing changes can help you fit your text into an available space by subtly changing the spacing between each letter. It may not be obvious […] If you have last used it with the Character Spacing tab selected, it will open that way. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Deep in the bowels of Word’s setting is a way to increase the spacing between letters. For keyboard shortcuts in which you press two or more keys together, ... To change the formatting of characters (Font command, Format menu) CTRL+D To change the case of letters : SHIFT+F3 To format letters as all capitals : CTRL+SHIFT+A To apply bold formatting : CTRL+B To apply an underline : CTRL+U To underline words but not spaces : CTRL+SHIFT+W To double-underline text : … This can be a little confusing, as the spinner moves in opposite directions depending on whether you have selected Expanded or Condensed. Changing Character Spacing. a higher number for Condensed moves them closer together. In Word 2013, character spacing refers to the spacing between individual characters, and also secondarily to a character’s individual vertical positioning, such as with superscript and subscript. We'll send you future issues right away. Real-Time Excel – get live stock prices, currency rates and more, PivotTables and PivotCharts from scratch, for Microsoft Excel, Everyday Backups – protecting your documents, photos and personal info. If you want a shortcut for specific character spacing, you can find the Condensed:, Expanded:, Raised:, and Lowered: commands in All Commands. However, these codes don’t work in any software except Microsoft Word. In Word for the web, access keys all start with Alt+Windows logo key, then add a letter for the ribbon tab. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp. Ctrl+D opens the Font dialog. Thanks for subscribing! Office Watch is definitely not affiliated with Microsoft – and that’s just one reason why we are so useful to Microsoft Office users around the world. Each week we give free and fearless help with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. For example, ALT-150 gives me a little sun character instead of an en dash. Don’t worry about that too much though, as the preview at the bottom of the dialog will show you what difference your changes are making. But if that’s not quite enough for you, Word also allows you to create your own keyboard shortcuts for things like commands, styles, and even autotext entries. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Powerpoint and doubtless many other names are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Beating Bots, Spies and Cockups - safely & securely send files and documents. 2.1 General – MS Word Shortcuts Keys; 2.2 Shortcuts Keys on Navigation in Word Documents ; 2.3 Extend Selection (Select text, move and delete); 2.4 Insert special characters, Text elements and Breaks; 2.5 Shortcut Keys for Find and Replace in MS Word; 2.6 Shortcut Keys For … Ctrl+ Moves one word to the left. On the Advanced tab, go to the Spacing dropdown and select Expanded. ... After printing, I reapply double space.