Try to move the left cheek as close to the floor as possible. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, or sit down with your back straight and chest lifted. Kneel, sit, or stand tall with feet hip-width apart, arms extended overhead. Start with your palms facing outwards at the top of the movement. As your strength allows, press through your hands and shoulders to raise and lower yourself slightly. If you cannot lower your torso, then simply hold the stretch and aim to lower your knees closer to the ground gradually. Try this at-home workout developed by Sadie Lincoln, founder of the fitness studio barre3. Bring your knees up to a 90-degree angle. To relieve any pain felt in the lower back, try doing some of these at home exercises to help. Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development, Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education, Book: Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, 5th Edition, Newsletter: Mayo Clinic Health Letter — Digital Edition, FREE book offer – Mayo Clinic Health Letter. Keep your knees together. After the last exercise, rest 1 to 2 minutes and repeat the full circuit 2 more times (3 times total). Laskowski ER (expert opinion). Repeat each exercise a few times, then increase the number of repetitions as the exercise gets easier. Slowly lower the weight back down but don’t fully lock your arm out. BACK pain can strike at any time and is not always due to physical exertion. Do you want to prevent back pain? But I think there is one investment you should make to really increase the number of back exercises you can do. Squeeze your glutes to increase the stretch in the front of your legs. Keeping your back as level as possible, pull the dumbbell to your armpit in a straight rowing motion. Place one of your knees on a study bench or similar object and hold your dumbbell in the opposite hand. Back Exercises With A Resistance Band. Place your left knee to the left of your body, and bend the knee so that your foot faces behind you. Start standing with your feet together hip width apart. Try a few basic exercises to stretch and strengthen your back and supporting muscles. Engage your back muscles and lift your chest up. Back exercises are important for women and contribute to a strong, sculpted back along with great posture. Bend your knees and slowly “roll up” back to the standing position when you’re done. Place your right hand on the floor or in a pray position, and twist your upper body to the right as you extend your right arm toward the ceiling (for a deeper stretch). Do some wall slides. Repeat each exercise a few times, then increase the number of repetitions as the exercise gets easier. Do you want to prevent back pain? The exercises are simple enough that you don’t even have to change into workout clothes. Sit with your right knee bent at 90-degrees in front of you, calf perpendicular to your body and the sole of your foot facing to the left. "Mayo," "Mayo Clinic," "," "Mayo Clinic Healthy Living," and the triple-shield Mayo Clinic logo are trademarks of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. Cross your left foot over your right quad. Slide your knees wider than shoulder-width apart. Hold for 30 seconds to 2 minutes while taking slow and steady breaths. All you need is a sturdy surface, like the back of a chair or couch. Lift your right leg off the floor. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Keep a neutral spine during this stretch. While exhaling, hinge at the hips and lower your head toward the floor. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Make sure you support your head and neck by pushing off the floor with your hands. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. Ensure your legs are maintaining approximately a 90-degree angle (squared off). Start by “rolling in” to a suitable wall and walking up your feet. Bend your right elbow and reach your right hand to touch the top middle of your back. Start standing with your feet hip-width apart. Step back with your feet while keeping a neutral back/spine and with your head/neck in-line with your shoulders and arms. Low back pain exercise guide. Exhale as you bend forward (think of a door hinge movement at the hips), lowering your head toward the floor (imagine the top of your head being parallel with the floor), while keeping your head, neck, and shoulders relaxed (do not tense up). Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. April 1, 2016. National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. These are simple exercises that you can do using only a wall. Grab onto the back of your right leg and gently pull it toward your chest. Bend your right knee and drop into a lunge, keeping your left leg as straight as you can behind you with your toes on the ground, so you feel a stretch at the front of your left thigh. It may not be possible if your hips are tight. Time for a … BACK pain is a common problem, usually caused by an injury. This content does not have an Arabic version. All rights reserved. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission. Push your hips up and back halfway toward your heels, or until you feel a deep stretch. They are also really good for preventing or relieving back pain you may experience while working.